AKIYAMA Tetsukazu

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AKIYAMA Tetsukazu
Toyo University
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture
Doctor of Engineering(Kyoto University)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Kyoto University, Research Assistant
Toyo University, Assistant Professor


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyoto University


Recent employment relationship of the construction skilled labours under multilayered subcontracting system -A case study on the fringe benefit in a special sub-contractor-
Proceeding of 21st symposium on building construction   21 265-270   Jul 2005
A study on contract administration in overseas building projects -Analysis of claim letters-
Proceeding of 21st symposium on building construction   21 257-264   Jul 2005
A study on uncertainty in renewal construction of housing complex - an analysis of bills of quantitis -
Proceeding of 20th symposium on building construction   20 195-202   Jul 2004
a study on Quality Control of Renovation of a Condominium
Proceeding of 18th symposium on building construction   18 145-152   2002
Research on the training system of skilled labour in the stock construciton market
Proceeding of 18th symposium on building construction   18 117-124   2002
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building engineering   1 213-220   2002
Journal of architectural, planning and environmental engineering   548 207-213   2001
Traveling training system of skilled labor of building industry in France
Tsuchi no.301, The organization of employment and faculty development   22-25   2001
training cost of skilled labor in building industry
Tsuchi no.292, The organization of employment and faculty development   17-19   2000
Bidding strategies in Japanese construction projects
Proceeding of 16th symposium on building construction   197-204   2000

Books etc

Management and Organization of the Building Process
Ichigaya   Apr 2004   
Bidding Strategies in Japanese construction projects
Construction Innovation and Global Competitiveness   2002   
Report of the works of supervision in building project
Building Center in Japan, The committee of the works of supervision in building project   2001   
Study on the training system of skilled labor in stock housing market-the payment of training cost in buiding industry-
report of grant-in-aid for scientific research   2000   
Working conditions of migrant building construction labors in metropolitan area
Proceeding of symposium on building economics   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Sustainable system in regional housing
Project Year: 2003 - 2009
Social Roles of Construction Contract Administration
Project Year: 2001 - 2009
Study on the supportting system of the quality controle in renewal housing projects
Project Year: 2000 - 2008
Study on travering training system of skilled labor in France
Project Year: 1995 - 2007
Study on the construciton claim management of building projects
Project Year: 1998 - 2004