KAMIJO Kenichi

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KAMIJO Kenichi
Toyo University
Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Life Sciences
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(BLANK)(Kyoto University)
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Faculty of Science, Niigata University

Published Papers

A Method for Fractal Information Structure in Positioning of Moving Points
Toshiki KINJO, Kengo FUKUZUMI and Kenichi KAMIJO
IEICE Technical Report   SANE2016-105 53-58   Jan 2017
A Method for Fractal Structure Analysis in Fluctuation Time Series of Network Quality
Ryogaku ISHII, Kouichi SUZUKI, KAMIJO Kenichi
NS2015-182 83-88   Mar 2016
Time Series Analysis in n-Dimensional Space Using Local Fractal Dimension –An Application to Meteorological Change –
KAMIJO Kenichi
European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS2015)      Jul 2015   [Refereed]
Analysis for multivariate time series using local fractal dimension in n-dimensional space
KAMIJO Kenichi
21st International Conference on Computational Statistics (COMPSTAT2014)      Aug 2014


A Method for Structure Analysis of EEG Data -Application to ANOVA in Vegetable Ingestion-
Takashi Ajiro, Akiko Yamanouchi, Koichiro Shimomura, Hirobumi Yamamoto, Kenichi Kamijo
International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security   9(9) 70-82   2009
Numerical and Practical Method for Statistical Quality Control Using Local Fractal Dimension in Discrete Time Series
Kenichi Kamijo, Akiko Yamanouchi
European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications(ENUMATH 2009)      2009
Time Series Analysis Using Local Standard Fractal Dimension –Application to Fluctuations in Seawater Temperature–
Kenichi Kamijo, Akiko Yamanouchi
Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Statistics      2008
Kenichi Kamijo, Akiko Yamanouchi
Proceedins of 2007 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Image and Signal Processing      2007
Sliding Measurement for Signal Processing Using Local Fractal Dimension–An Example of Fluctuations in Seawater Temperature as Discrete Dynamical Systems–
Kenichi Kamijo, Akiko Yamanouchi
Proceedings of Fractals in Engineering 2005      2005
Sliding Measurement for Local Fractal Dimension in Discrete Time Series and its Applications
2004 Hawaii International Conference on Statistics, Mathematics and Related Fields      2004
Test for Local Sractal Dimension Using Variance Analysis and its Applications
Relationship between generation Overlapping and Fractal Dirnension in Secular Change of ALife Population
ALife8,Sydney      2002
A Control Method for Chaos Rising Time in Discrete Dynamical System
Technical Report of IEICE   NLP 2001   2001
Relationship Between Infinitesimal Error Added to Stationary Solution and Preliminary Tremor Period in Discrete Dynamical System
Technical Report of IEICE   NLP 2000-103   2000

Books etc

Introduction to Informatics by Personal Computer
Kogaku-Tosho   1999   
An Introduction to TQC by Personal Computer
An Introduction to Statistics by Personal Computer
How-to Enjoy TQC by Personal Computer
An Introduction to Design of Experiments by Personal Computer

Conference Activities & Talks

KAMIJO Kenichi, Kouichi Suzuki
kamijokenichi   28 Oct 2015   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Residual Structure of Secular Change by Pulse Model Fitting in Geodetic Network
Detection of Sign for Earthquake by Mean Sea Level Analysis using Pulse Model
Study on Complex System