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Musashino University
Faculty of Global Studies (Liberal Arts Education)
Job title
M.A., Ph.D.

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Tetsuro Watsuji Prize of Culture
Hajime Nakamura Prize


Hume's Theory of Space and Time
Philosopical Studies   3    1984
Hume on Personal Identity
Philosopical Studies   4    1985
Hume on Identity
Bulletin of the Japan Society of British Philosophy   9    1986
Berkeley on Sight and Touch
Philosophical Studies   5    1986
Pain and Person -Of Locke's Theory of Action-
Philosophical Studies   6    1987
Causation, Retribution and Telelolgy
Sobun   295    1988
Causation and the Argument for the Existence of God -On Hume's Critique of the "Argument from Design"-
The Philosophy   39    1989
Causation and Person -An Approach from hume's Theory of justice-
Reflections on Various Problems of Modern Western Philosophy   104(776)    1989
"An Essay towards A New Theory of Vision" and Berkeley's Philosophy -God, Body and Identity
An Essay towards A New Theory of Vision      1990
Locke and Leibniz on Innate Notions
Hakusan-Tetsugaku   26    1992
'Grue'and the Problem of Regulariry
On the Temporal Direction of Causation
Hakusan-Tetsugaku   27    1993
Universals as Instruments
Hakusan-Tetsugaku   27    1993
Causation in 'Seeing' - A Consideration from Berkeley's Theory of Vision -
imago   5(2)    1994
Causation and the Action of Searching
Hakusan-Tetsugaku   28    1994
Vagueness and Our Linguistic Activity
Hakusan-Tetsugaku   29    1995
Knowledge, Creation and Person
Sobun   (364) 4   1995
Utility of 'Symbolic Utility'
imago   6(8)    1995
Berkeley on Practical Spirit
Philosophical Studies   14    1995
A Sketch on the Leibniz's Theory of Person
Philosophical Studies 15      1997
Between Association and Description
Being, Language, Actions : Some Aspects of Their Interactions-      1997
The Emergence of Person
Philosophical Studies   (16)    1998
Of Contingency
Philosophical Studies   17    1999
Hume and Three Concepts of Cause
Philosophical Studies   18    2000
Negative Relevance in Probabilistic Causality
Conceptual Studies concerning Knowledge and Technique : Building a Bridge between Philosophical Studies and Contemporary Issues      2000
A Note on a Probabilistic Approach to the Grue Problem
Philosophical Studies   19    2001
Property of Death : Perversion from the impossibility of capital punishment(1)
Thought   (923)    2001
Property of Death : Perversion from the impossibility of capital punishment(2)
Thought   (924)    2001
Who Matters in Bioethics?: Embryo, Surrogate Mother, Clone, and Dying Person
The Journal of Applied Ethics and Philosophy      2002
An Essay on Homicide
Philosophical Studies, vol.20      2002
A Consideration on Freedom and Necessity
A Study on the Whole Picture of the History of Western Philosophy      2003
Deception of the Right to Die
Life and Death Studies      2003
The Chance of Hume's Freedom
Philosophical Studies vol.21.      2003

Books etc

A Rebellion against Truth - The Philosophy of Knowledge and Action-
Fuji Shoten   1994   
The Rise of The Person-Knowledge Theory-The Moment of John Locke-
University of Tokyo Press   1997   
Kilkenny and Berkeley
Cities and Philosophers I, Hosei University Press   1996   
The Stream of British Philosophy
Hokuju Shyppan   1998   
Towards Epistemology Musicalized
Phenomenology of Sensation   1999   
A Reconsideration on Ideas : Towards the Origin of Empiricism
Towards a Reconstruction of the History of Western Philosophy, Showadou   2000   
Separating and Parting between Life and Death
Separating   2001   
The Labyrinth of Cause and Effect
Keiso Publishing Company   2001   
The Labyrinth of Cause and Reason: The Philosophy of 'Because'
Keiso Publishing Company   2006   


Translation of"An Essay towards A New Theory of Vision" (G. Berkeley)
Translation of"Alfred North Whitehead" (P. G. Kuntz)
Translation of"Paradoxes" (R.M.Sainsbury)

Research Grants & Projects

Studies on the Concept of Causation