HOSHI Toshio

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HOSHI Toshio
Nishogakusha University
Faculty of International Politics and Economics, Department of International Politics and Economics
Master of Literature(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Physics, natural philosophy and "die eigentliche Metaphysik" : Metaphysics-concept by Hegel
Studien zur Naturphilosophie   (3), 52-65    1990
Existential Concept of Science by Heidegger : To Rainer A. Bast's Interpretation of"Being and Time"
Bulletin of General Educaiton of Hosei University   (78), 1-16    1991
Co-naturality and Body : To the Theory of Human-body by Husserl
Bulletin of Kogakuin University(General Educaiton)   (27), 19-34    1989
Moral of Bio-ethics
Materials for Bio-Ethics and Enveironmenfal Ethics   ,50-56    1990
Metaphysics and objective Logic of Hegel
Riso   (641), 84-95    1989

Books etc

Fundamental Standpoint and Viewpoint of Hegel's Philosophy
What is Philosophy
Karl Yasper's"Weltgeschichte der Philosopie : Einleitung "(Translation to Japanese)
Philosophie   1985   
Javis J. Thomson "Defense of Abortion" (Translation to Japanese)
H. T. Engelhart et al. "Basic Readings of Bioethics"   1988   
Meaning and Body : Heigegger, Hussurl & Merleau=Ponty
Kobundo   1996   


Making Data-Base of Natural Philosophy in Kant, Schelling, and Hegel(under Prof, Hisatake Kato in Chiba University)
1990 - 1991

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Hegel's "Phaenomenologie des Geistes"in Historical & Contemporary Context
Study on Hermeneu tics of R. Barthes, H. G. Gadamer, P. Ricoeur and Philosophy of literary criticism
Study on Hegel's "Philosophie des Rechts" in social-philosophical context
Study on Adrendt's“The Human Condition”