ABE Takematsu

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ABE Takematsu
Master of Law(Nihon University), Bachelor of Arts(Oklahoma state University (U.S.A.)), BA

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Law
Oklahoma State University, Visiting Scholar
Washington State University, Visiting Professor
University of California, Visiting Scholar


Graduate School, College of Law, Nihon University
Political Science, Department of Politieal Science, Oklahoma State University
Political Science, Graduate School, Oklahoma State University

Published Papers

Presidential Appointments of Officers of the United States and the Senate's Confirmation Process
ABE Takematsu
82(3) 597-626   Dec 2016   [Refereed]


Separate but Shared : The U.S. Government and Separation of Powers
The Journal of the Japanese Association of Laws and Political Science   35(2)    1999
A Comparative Perspective of Separation of Powers in the U.S. and the Japanese Governments
Asahi Hogaku Ronchu(Asahi Law Review)   
Controversies over the U. S. Federal Social Welfare Policy
Seikei Kenkyu Vol.27 No.3   27(3)    1991
Controversies over the U. S. Constitutional Provisions regarding the presidential Election
College of Law, Nihon University AMemorial Volume for Dr. Yoshiyuki Uzawa      1990
A New Federalism : An Extensive Delegation of Legislative Power of U. S. Congress
A Centurial Memorial Volume for College of Law, Nihon University   2 163-183   1989

Books etc

American Constitutional Law and Democracy
Gyosei   2004   
Japanese Government and Politics
Correspondence Division, Nihon University   2003   
The American Constitution - Governmental System
Yushindo   2002   
Markets and Government: Issues, Roles, and Remedies
Gendai-Sya   2002   
The American System of Government
Keisoshobo   1993   


A Comparative Perspective of Scientific Polity in Japan and U.S.
1982 - 1983
A Comparative Study of Waste Recycling Programs in Japan and U.S.
1991 - 1993
A Cross-National Study of Bureaucracy in Japan and U.S.

Research Grants & Projects

A Study of the American Constitution and the American System of Government
A Comparative Study of Public Knowledge and Behavior toward Waste Recycling Programs in Japan and the United States
Social Security for Institutions and Society
Waste Recycling
Electoral Systems in Japan and U.S.