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Alternative names
Sawamura Hiroshi
Ph. D.(University of Wisconsin at Madison)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Physical Education


Graduate School, Division of Education, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-Madison
Faculty of Economics, Nihon University

Published Papers

The Structure of Organizing and Applying Knowledge for Improving competitive skills ; An Investigation into Psychological Perspectives
Research Quarterly for Anhletics   (23) 26-35   1995
Basic Research on Warming Up : Part 1 - A Study of the Literature -
Research Quarterly for Athletics   2   1990
The factors of the takeoff motion effecting to the Jumping height, contact time, Djind achivement in the drop Jump
Research Quarterly for Athletics   (35) 16-23   1998
The Specificity of force and power of leg muscle in the female basketball player
The Japanese Journal of Sport Mechodology   11(1) 195   1998
The Relation Between the Leg Movement Shift and the Running Velocity in the Accelerative Phase of 10mm Run
Sprint Research   9 1-8   1999

Books etc

The State of Continuing Education in Japan
Research Institute of Educational System, Nihon University   1994   
Japanese Martial Arts and American Sports: The Historical and Cultural Background -Proceeding of the 1996 United States-Japan Conference 1996 at University of Wisconsin-Madison-
Research Institute of Educational Systems, Nihon University   1998   
Recreational Activities under the Wartime structure
Japanese Martial Arts and American sports Nihon University   1990   
Basic Track & Field Biomechanics
Sep 1999   ISBN:4-583-03610-8

Conference Activities & Talks

historical Study of the Establishment of the Japan Kosei (Recreation) Association
World Leisure Congress   2008   
Recreation in Japan During the Allied Occupation: 1945-1951
Yukimasa KATO, Takashi KAWAI
World Leisure Congress 2010 Korea   31 Aug 2010   
Recreation Under the Wartime Regime: 1938-1941
World Leisure Congress 2010 Korea   31 Aug 2010   

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