HORIE Yoshinori

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HORIE Yoshinori
Nihon University
Doctor(Engineering)(Nihon University)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Emeritus Professor, Nihon University


Department of IE & Management, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Nihon University

Published Papers

What is Human Centerd Design?
Communications of Japan Industrial Management Association   21(5) 213-218   Dec 2011
42(4) 973-978   Jul 2011   [Refereed]
The motion of standing up from a chair of three phases
Health and Behavior Sciences   5(1) 17-25   Sep 2006   [Refereed]
A Study on the Visibility of Safety Colors under Mesopic Vision
J. of the Society for Industrial Plant Human Factors of Japan   7(2) 125-131   2003
Children and Computer Games
Ergonomics Society of Taiwan   10 63-66   Mar 2003   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Fundamental Study on the Danger of Walking while Carrying out a Smartphone
Ishibashi.M. and Horie.y
The 1st Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design   23 May 2014   Asian Council on Ergonomics and Design
Trend of the Research Theme in Ergonomics of Japan -Based on Japanese Journal of Ergonomics-
Horie.Y., and Kotani.K
The 1st Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design   23 May 2014   Asian Council on Ergonomics and Design
Characterization for the onomatopoeia related to shaking,sway, motion, rolling, picthing, vibration anf etc..
Takashi Toriizuka and Yoshinori Horie
1st International Conference on Energy, Environment and Human Engineering   22 Dec 2013   Organizing Committee of 1st ICEEHE
Characteristics of touch panel operation with non-dominant hand in car diriving context.
Horie.Y., Sugimoto.M. & Toriizuka.T
HCI International 2013   25 Jul 2013   
The aim of this study is to examine the differences of operability between dominant hand and non-dominant hand in car driving context, especially in operating of touch screen of car navigation system. For the operation of touch screen of car navig...
Proposed Designs for Exterior Labels for Disaster Relief Supplies
Miyashita.R., Muto.H., Horie.Y., Toriizuka.T & Ohuchi.H
The 15th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Ergonomics   1 Jun 2013   The Japan Ergonomics Society / The Ergonomics Society of Korea
After the disaster occurred, the relief supplies sent within three weeks were classified roughly in this study. And the questionnaire of the color corresponding to the image for every classified relief supplies was performed, and the color corresp...