TAKEDA Tomotaka

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TAKEDA Tomotaka
Tokyo Dental College
College of Dentistry
Job title
Associate Professor
(BLANK)(Nihon University)


Tomotaka Takeda
The Journal of the Japan Prosthodontic Society   31(2) 363-370   1987
Keiichi Ishigami, Junji Tsukui, Masayuki Shirane, Mitsuko Miura, Moritaka Maeda, Tomotaka Takeda, Shigeyuki Kasai, Masashi Yuda, Misaki Anzai, Katsuzo Ohki
The Journal of the Japan Prosthodontic Society   31(6) 1405-1412   1987
A Study on the Pelation between Condition of Stomatognathic System and Condition of whole Body. I-1
The Journal of the Japan Prosthodontic Society   32(6)    1988
Concerning the effect of denture wearing on their posture especially on the locus of the body's gravity center.
10(2)    1990
An Acceptable case as te change of Local of Gravity Fluctuation Before and After treatment of Temporomandibular Anthrosis
Nihon University Dental Journal   65(1)    1991

Books etc

Story of the color on dentistry -How to bring about a better understanding of color and lighting environment-
Quintessence Publishing Co. , Inc.   1993   


Shock Absorption ability of Mouthgurd Materials
Development of New Mouth Gurds Material

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the Relation between the Stomatognatic System and Systemic Condition
Sports Dentistry
Relation between Occlusion and Systemic Condition
Protection Effect of Mouth Guards