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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Bioresource Sciences Department of Veterinary Medicine


SAKAI Takeo, Nakata M, Miwa Y, Itou T, Uchida K, Nakayama H, Sakai T.
J Vet Med Sci.   73(10) 1333-1335   2011
SAKAI Takeo, Mochizuki N, Kobayashi Y, Sato G, Hirano S, Itou T, Ito FH, Sakai T.
J Vet Med Sci.   73(6) 759-766   2011
SAKAI Takeo, Segawa T, Itou T, Echigoya Y, Suzuki M, Koie H, Sakai T.
Vet Immunol Immunopathol.   139(2-4) 303-307   2011
SAKAI Takeo, Kobayashi Y, Suzuki Y, Itou T, Ito FH, Sakai T, Gojobori T.
J Gen Virol.   92(1) 85-90   2011

Conference Activities & Talks

Genetic diversity of bat rabies depends on the host species and its ecology: molecular epidemiological evidence in Brazil.
The ⅩⅨ International Conference "Rabies in the Americas" (RITA XⅨ)   2008   
Genetic characterization of Brazilian bat rabies virus. Evaluation of the pathogenicity and cross protection in mice.
The XVII International Conference "Rabies in the Americas" (RITA XVII)   2006   
Sequencing analysis of regulatory enzyme genes in equine glycolysis.
The 30th International Conference on Animal Genetics ISAG 2006   2006   
Genetic and phylogenetic characterization of Brazilian rabies virus.
Fortieth Joint Working Conference on Viral Diseases, The Japan-United States Cooperative Medical Science Program   2006   
Potential utility of P-gene deficient rabies virus as a live vaccine. Shoji Y, Kurane I, Sakai T, Morimoto K.
4th World Congress on Vaccines and Immunization   2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Keeping animal health and veterinary epidemiology
Etiological survey of diarrhea in calf and piglets