SAIDO Katsuhiko

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SAIDO Katsuhiko

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Nihon University College of Pharmacy School of Pharmacy


Faculty of Science and Engineering, Nihon University

Awards & Honors

Merit Award(American Chemical Society)


Plastics as Sources of Environmental Pollutants
SAIDO Katsuhiko
Karlsruhe University・Feedstock Recycling of Plastics   577-580   2005
Low Temperature Disruption of Polystyrene
SAIDO Katsuhiko
American Chemical Society,Environ Divn.Extend.Abstr.,   45(2) 146-150   2005
Low Temperature Decomposition of Epoxy Resin
SAIDO Katsuhiko
Macromolecular Research   12(5) 490-492   2004
Endocrine disrupting chemicals derived from plastics
SAIDO Katsuhiko
American Chemical Society,Extd. Abstr.Prepr.   44(2) 126-130   2004
Analysis of Endocrine Disrupting Substances derived from Plastics(CO)
SAIDO Katsuhiko
American Chemical Society Ext. Abst.Preprint,   43(2)    2003

Books etc

UNEPDivision of Early Warning and assessment, United Nations Environmental Programme   2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

Is the plastic safe?
Korea-Japan Joint Seminar for GJGEC 10th Anniversary   2011   
Assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the streams of Chollanamdo province in South Korea
The 14thannual meeting of Japan society of endocrine disrupters research   2011   
New Chemical Contaminations derived from Marine Debris Plastic on Hokkaido
The 14th annual meeting on Japan Society of endocrine disrupters reserch   2011   
New ocean contaminations Generated from Marine Debris Plastics
Forum 2011: Pharmaceutical Health Science/Environmental Toxicology   2011   
Research on endocine Disruptors within Leachate and Treated Water generated from Land Fill Site of Chollanamdo Province,South Korea
The 4th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibision   2011   


Hard plastics decompose in oceans, releasing endocrine disruptor BPA
Mar 2010
Plastics in oceans decompose, release hazardous chemicals
Aug 2009

Research Grants & Projects

Environmental Preservation
Recycling of Plastics
Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors present in Synthetic Polymer
New contamination generated from plastics