KUSAMA Tadashi

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KUSAMA Tadashi
Ph.D.(Chiba University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy


Faculty of Science and Engineering, Nihon University

Published Papers

Pharmacology of GABA ρ1 and GABA α/β receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes and COS cells
Br. J. Pharmacol.   109(1) 200-206   May 1993   [Refereed]
Mutagenesis of the GABA ρ1 receptor alters agonist affinity and channel gating
Neuro Report   5(10) 1209-1212   Jun 1994   [Refereed]
GABA ρ1 receptor : inhibition by protein kinase C activators
European Journal of Pharmacology   291(3) 431-434   Nov 1995   [Refereed]
Jap. J. Pharmacol.   56(2) 213-216   Jun 1991   [Refereed]
GABA ρ2 receptor pharmacological profile : GABA recognition site similarities to ρ1
Eur. J. Pharmacol.   245(1) 83-84   Mar 1993   [Refereed]

Books etc

Neurological action of b-ODAP and related Lathyrus toxins: a possible relationship to neurolathyrism
In "Lathyrus and lathyrism, a decade of progress" Eds: R. Tekle Haimanot and F. Lambein, University of Ghent, Belgium. 1997, pp xx. ISBN #90-803685-1-2   1977   

Conference Activities & Talks

Effects of PI3K inhibitor on steroid insensitive aieway inflammation on cigarette smoke and polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid exposed mice
28 Mar 2015   
he suppressive effects of cigarette smoke exposure on sirtuin 1, histone deacetylase 2, and glucocorticoid receptor mRNA expression
28 Mar 2015   
The nerve cell protection effect of the biguanide derivative MS-508 on cerebral ischemia model mice
Takashi MASUKO1, Mamie OGAWA1, Airi KATO1, Ako HORIE1, Muneharu MIYAKE2, Toyofumi SUZUKI3, Kuniko KUSAMA-EGUCHI4, Yasuo KIZAWA1, Tadashi KUSAMA1
20 Mar 2015   
Repeated LPS exposure induces corticosteroid insensitive airway inflammation in mice mediated by PI3Kδ pathway
Genki Kimura, Keitaro Ueda, Tadashi Kusama,Kazuhiro Ito and Yasuo KIzawa
18 Mar 2015   
Repeated lipopolysaccharide stimulation causes corticosteroid insensitive inflammation in lung via phosphoinositide-3-kinase δ signaling
Dr.Genki Kimura, Mr.Keitaro Ueda, Dr. Yuki Nishimoto, Dr. Takashi Masuko, Prof. Dr. Tadashi Kusama, Prof. Dr. Peter J. Barnes, Dr. Kazuhiro Ito, Prof. Dr. Yasuo KIzawa
European Respiratory Society 2014   7 Sep 2014   European Respiratory Society