ITO Toshikazu

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ITO Toshikazu
Japan Women's University
Faculty of Humanities, Department of History
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Graduate School, Division of History and Anthropology, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Education, Nara University of Education

Published Papers

A Historical Geographic Study on the Agricultural Land use in Japan, in the Case of the Province of Yamato Ancient and Medieval Times
Toshikzzu ITO
thesis of doctor      1991   [Refereed]
Some Phrases of the Agricultural Land use in the Nara Period, in the Province of Yamato
Toshikazu ITO
JOURNAL (Faculty of Humanities)   (41)    1992
The Completion Process of the Jori Nomenclature in the Province of Sanuki
Toshikazu ITO
THE HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY   (120)    1983   [Refereed]
A Study on the Place Name ""machi"" in the Provine of Oumi
A Study on the Irrigation Ponds in the Area of Ikaruga
Some Phrases of the Grid Pattern Land Division System and the J(]J1155[)ri Nomenclature System, and Agriculture in the Mid-Heian Period
Controllers and Periods of Construction of Irrigation Ponds in the Nara Basin : A Case Study of Tenri-shi and Tawaramoto-cho
THE HUMAN GEOGRAPHY   45(2) 1-21   1993
A Fundamental Study on the Agricultural Land Development and the J(]E87C7[)ri System in the Ancient Times in the Province of Yamato
JOURNAL (Faculty of Humanities)   43 79-98   1994
A Historical-geographical Study on Nohata in the Ancient Times and the Middle Ages
JOURNAL of The Graduate School of Humanities   1 1-20   1995
A Historical-geographical Study on Yamahata in the Heian Period and the Kamakura Period
JOURNAL (Faculty of Humanities)   (45) 79-95   1996
A Fundamental Study on Field in the Ancient Times and the Middle Ages
J(]J1055[)RISEIKENKY(]J1073[)   (12) 1-15   1996
A Fundamental Study on Horinouchi in the Sengoku Period and the Edo Period in the Province of Shimotuke
JOURNAL(History of Kanuma City)   (2) 44-69   1997
A Study of Historical Geography on Horinouchi Groups in the Kanto Area during the Medieval Period
THE HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY   40(1) 63-80   1998
A Historical-Geographical Study on the Managemnt of Yakihata and the Tea growing in the Case of Kawakami-no-sh(]E87C7[) in Yamato Province during the late Medieval Period
JOURNAL (Faculty of Humanities)   (48) 29-47   1999
A Fundamental Study on the Main Road and the Main Town in the Simotuke Area during the Edo Period
JOURNAL(History of Kanuma City)   (5) 94-114   2000
A Study of Historical Geography of Kiyosumi-no-Shou in Yamato-no-Kuni
JOURNAL(Faculty of Humanities)   (50) 151-170   2001
A Study of Historical Geography of Tsurumi-Terao-Gouzu in Musasi-no-kuni
JOURNAL(Faculty of Humanities)   (51) 109-123   2002
Slash and Burn Farming in Kii : A Historical Geographic Study
En Marge de l'Histoire   (41) 1-24   2000
A Study ob Historical Geograhy on Yamahata in Ancient and Medeval Times
(42)    2001
A Study of Jorakyj-no-Ichi and Tatsuta-no-Ichi in front of the Horyuji Temple Gate during the Middle Age
(55)    2005

Books etc

The Ancient History on the Japanese islands
Iwanami Shoten   2005   
The Traffic and Interchange and Information in the Ancient Japan
Yoshikawa Koubunnkan   2016   
The Dictionary of Human Geography
Asakura Shoten   1997   
The JApanese Urban Landscape of one hundred years ago
Shougakukan   1998   
The Complete Works of the Agricaltural Books
Noubunkyou   1998   
The Understand on the Nara Basin
Narashinbun-sha   2000   
The Handbook on the Historical Geography
Kokon-shoin   2001   
The History of Kanuma city
Kanuma city   2003   
The Millet
Aokishoten   2003   
The World of old Provincial maps
Kashiwashobou   2005   
The Thought of Geography
Asakurashoten   2005   
The Reagional Geography of Japan
Ninomiyashoten   2006   
The Dictionary of Place name in Nara Province
Kadokawashoten   1990   
The Dictionaly of Archaeology
Yoshikawakobunkan   2007   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Development and Agriculture in Japan , in the Ancient and Medieval Times