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M.A. Economics(Doshisha University)
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Hosei University
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アラビア語, Faculty of Foreign Language, Osaka University of Foreign Studies
経済政策, Graduate School, Division of Economics, Doshisha University

Committee Memberships

May 2013
Japan Association for Peace Studies  Committee for Research Projects
Dec 2000
Mar 2003
Japan Association for Middle East Studies  Editor in Chief, AJAMES, Director of JAMES
Apr 1987
Mar 2003
Japan Association for Middle East Studies  Editorial Board member of AJAMES

Published Papers

Colonial Origin of Capital of the Transnational Corporations in the 21st Century: For Deepening the Debate on Global Justice and Colonial Responsibilities
Quarterly Bulletin of Third World Studies   57(4) 2-24   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Based on the analysis of the network of global corporate control in 2007 by Vitali,et al, the top 50 control-holders, which are almost financial institutions and hold control of 40% of the total operating revenue in the big global network of TNCs,...
Make All Shares of Global Corporations Human Heritage! ; Possible Social Movement of Anti-Globalaization and Redress of Historical Injustices from Japan and Middle East
Journal of Japanese Scientists   51(11) 24-29   Nov 2016   [Refereed][Invited]
Thourough criticisms on the notions of family, state, and market are indispensable in order to construct social movement of anti-globalization and redress of historical injustices, which demands confiscation of all the shares of global corporation...
Japanese Translation of an Aritcle Wrtitten by Srath Davala,"The Emancipatory Power of Basic Income: An Optimistic Note from Indian Experience"
Quartely Bulletin of Third World Studies   56(4) 29-39   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Japanese translation of the paper written by the researcher who was responsibe for the Indian pilot project of universan basic income, presented at BIEN Conference at Seoul, July 2016. He analyzed the effects of basic income from the aspects of ph...
Transfer Majority Shares of All Global Corporations to Human Heritage Inheritance Fund!
Agenda   (54) 37-46   Sep 2016   [Invited]
Transferring majority voting shares of all global corporations to Human Heritage Inheritance Fund will make the way not only to afford Global Basic Income but also to redress all historical injustices.
Japanese Translation of "What is Basic Income?" by Rene Heeskens
OKANOUCHI Tadashi(Translater)
Quarterly Bulletin of Third World Studies   56(2) 60-78   Apr 2016   [Refereed]
The second part of Japanese translation of the Website of Global Basic Income Foundation, which is an important document for the history of Global Basic Income.


Book Review: Kawai Tsuneo, Cuban Revolution 1953-1959
Quarterly Bulletin of Third World Studies   57(2) 66-72   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
Revew article of the new book on Cuban revolution as an unfinished non-violent revolution, in which the revewer points out that it raised the problem of communicative power properly.
<Japanese Translation>What is a Global Basic Income? (1)
Rene Heeskens, Translated and annotated by Tadashi Okanouchi
Quarterly Bulletin of Third World Studies   56(1) 58-67   Jan 2016   [Refereed]
Japanese translation of the main parts of the Global Basic Income Foundation, and a bibliographical note.
『現代思想』「イラク戦争」特集臨時増刊号      Apr 2003
『日本の科学者』 Vol.37, No.2      Feb 2002
スーザン・ジョージの所説を紹介しつつ、アメリカ等による反テロリズムを目的とするとされるアフガニスタン攻撃が、WTOによる多国籍企業のための環境づくりと言う論理でとらえうることを示したもの。 全5頁36~41頁
『アジア・アフリカ研究』 第41巻第4号      Oct 2001
タンザニアにおける市民社会と環境問題に関する内外の研究状況をサーベイし、著者の現地調査に基づいて、今後の研究課題を提示したもの。 全25頁18~43頁

Books etc

What is the Global South?
Minerva Shobo   Nov 2016   
Based on Habarmasian Social Theory, a theoretical perspective on the social movements for the right to live in the Human History is shown, and some issues are raised to think aobut independence and rights in the era of globalization.
OKANOUCHI Tadashi (Part:Joint Translation, Introduction to Japanese Edition, Forwords, Chapter1 and 2, Translater's Note)
Houritsubunka-sha   Jun 2016   ISBN:978-4589037800
Japanese translation of the book written by Guy Standing, which analysed the rise of precariat, or unstable working class, in the globalization process, as a new dangerous class for human society.
The New Order in the Middle East
MATSUO Masaki/OKANOUCHI Tadashi/KIKKAWA Takuro (Eds.) (Part:Joint Editor, Chapter 14 Middle Eaest Studies in the Era of Globalization; On 3 Theses of Prof. Yuzo ITAGAKI)
Minerva Shobo   May 2016   ISBN:978-4-623-07627-7
Prof. ITAGAKI Yuzo's theses, i.e. Islam as making of the modern, making of the state of Israel as desease of the modern, and Arab Revolution of 2011 as restoration of the modern, are criticised and revised theses are proposed.
OKANOUCHI Tadashi(NAGASAWA Eiji, & KURITA Yoshiko eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Chapter 19 "For the Future of Middle East and Japan")
Otsuki-shoten   May 2016   ISBN:9784272211135
To achieve real human security in the Middle East, it is necessary to establish the tribunal for redress of historical injustices, based on Global Basic Income scheme financed by Human Heritage Inheritance Fund. Therfore social movement in Japan s...
Introduction to the Idea of Global Basic Income Gurantee
Tadashi Okanouchi, Claudia Haarmann, et.al. (Part:Contributor, Author of "Introduction" amd "Part 2", Tranlator of "Part 1".)
Akashi-Shoten   Jan 2016   ISBN:978-4-7503-4291-7
”Introduction” is an explanation about the idea of global basic income guarabtee, and its development in the contemporary history. Part 1 is Japanese translation of "Basic Income Grant Pilot Project Assesment Report, April 2009", by written by Cla...

Conference Activities & Talks

Three Perspectives Regarding the Transition from Indirect Democracy to Direct Democracy under Local Autonomy Law in Contemporary Japan; Money, Festivity, Politics
Japanese Association for Rural Studies, 65th Conference.   11 Nov 2017   Japanese Association for Rural Studies
Global Basic Income or Human Heritage Dividend: Colonial Origin of the Share Capital of All Major Transnational Corporations, and the Best Way to Purify their "Original Sin"
Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) 2017 Congress   26 Sep 2017   Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)
Based on the analysis of tte founding years of the leading Transnational Corporations(TNCs) in the giant mutual share-holding network of all TNCs in the world in 2007, it concludes that colonial responsibilities of all present TNCs can not be deni...
Transfer Majority Stocks of Global Corporations to the Human Heritage Inheritance Fund! : A Global Basic Income Scheme as Policy Agenda for Development Cooperation
Annual Conference of Japan Society for International Development   26 Nov 2016   Japan Society for International Development
Global Basic Income scheme based on Human Heritage Inheritance Fund can be effective to combat the three problems raised in the process of international development cooperation, i.e. class domination, dependence to wage labour, and disortion of pu...
Some Aspects for the Establishment of Human Heritage Inheritance Fund and Tribunal for Redress of Historical Injustices
Annual Autum Conference of Japan Peace Association   23 Oct 2016   Japan Peace Studies Association
Human Heritage Inheritance Fund can be made by a tranfer of more than half shares of all global corporations, and the dividends of those shares can be used not only to afford Global Basic Income but also to finance the Tribunals for Redress of His...
Global Basic Income as a Starting Point for Redress of Historical Injustice; With Special Attention to Peacebuilding in East Asia
16th BIEN Congress   8 Jul 2016   Basic Income Earth Network(BIEN)
Global basic income can set a proper starting point for redress of historical injustice, which is a key for sustainable peacebuilding in East Asia, and should be a common agenda of all social movements seeking for peace, justice and human rights.


<Book Review> YAMAZAKI Keiichi, Evolving Political Economics: Research Notes on Developing Economies
The Others   Jul 2013
Although this is a book review of Yamazaki's book, it pointed out research agenda for political economy of developing economies( market and community, poverty and aid, migration and communication), from the perspective of Global Basic Income.
An Annotated Bibliography ; The Modern History of the Arab East, (IDE, 1989), ch, VII, "Iraq"