MASUDA Nobutoshi

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MASUDA Nobutoshi
Dr.of Engineering(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo City University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, Tokyo City University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Urban and Civil Engineering
Research Associate at Tokyo Inst. of Tech.(Dept. of Civil. Eng.)
Lecturer at Musashi Inst. of Tech.(Dept. of Civil Eng.)
Associate Professor, Musashi Inst. of Tech.(Dept. of Civil Eng.)
Visiting Scholar at the Univ. of Texas at Austin(TICOM)


Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Committee Memberships

Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education  Chief of Examinar Training Workshop
Japanese Society of Steel Construction  Secretary


A new formulation of finite element of motion for geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis
Masuda Nobutoshi, Nishiwaki Takeo,Minagawa Masaru
i 39-42   1988
Static experiment and analysis on local buckling phenomenon of steel tublar stub column at thickness transition portion
Mori Masami,Suzuki Kazutaka, Masuda Nobutoshi, Ishikawa Nobutaka,Katsuki Satoshi
Journal of Structural Engineering   50(A) 83-93   2004
Mori Masami,Suzuki Kazutaka,Ishikawa Nobutaka,Masuda Nobutoshi
Proceedings of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineering Division   64(2) 376-393   2008
Influence of the initial imperfections on the ultimate bending strength of plate girder web panels with various aspect ratios and flange tortional rigidities
Samejima Yuusuke,Mochiduki Kiyohiko,Matsuda Hiroshi,Wachi Teruo, Masuda Nobutoshi
Journal of Structural Engineering   49(A) 81-91   2003
A study on the strength of a new type smart truss gusset
Hosaka Tetsuya,Masda Nobutoshi,Isoe Akira
Journal of Structural Engineering   47(A) 1177-1184   2001

Books etc

Civil Materials Chap.2, Metal Materials
Ohom   1999   
Test of Civil Engineering -learn systematized knowledge through exercises
Gyousei   2011   ISBN:978-4-324-09359-7
Materials in Civil Engineering
Ohmsha   2011   ISBN:978-4-274-21064-8
The Finite Element Method Displayed,Chap.3 Formulation of Engineering Problems by Variational Metrhods
Personal Media   1990   

Research Grants & Projects

On static and dynamic load-carrying capacity of steel and composite structures
Project Year: 1996   
On geometrical and material nonlinear behavior of structures
Project Year: 1988   
On rational design of steel and composite bridges
Project Year: 1988   
cylindrical column subjected to vertical impulsive loads
Project Year: 2000   
On seismic behaviour of composite bridges
Project Year: 2005