TSUCHIYA Mitsuyoshi

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TSUCHIYA Mitsuyoshi
Meiji University
School of Political Science and Economics
Job title
Political Science(Meiji University), Political Sience(Meiji University)


Apr 1977
Mar 1987
Graduate School, Division of Political Economics, Meiji University

Published Papers

A Revisit of Karl A. Wittfogel's 'Oriental Despotism'
The Review of Economics & Political Science   59巻(1.2号) 123-148   1990
The Wang Ching-wei's Reconciliation Attempt after the Split between Wuhan and Nanking in 1927
The Review of Economics & Political Science   60巻(1.2号)    1991
Wang Ching-Wei Was the 'Reorganization Clique's Leader?
The Review of Economics & Political Science   60巻(5.6号)    1992
Chiang Kai-shek's Policy of Nonresistance and Wang Ching-wei in 1928-1932
The Review of Economics & Political Science   62巻(1号) 123-160   1993
A Study of Wang Ching-wei's Theory of Democracy
The Review of Economics & Political Science   63巻(1号) 287-325   1995


Theda Skocpol 'State & Social Revoluthon'
   Jun 1982
Wang Ching-Wei and the Attempts of 'Peace-Settlement' with Jopon
The Review of Economics & Political Science   57 1-2   1988
Wang Ching-Wei and the Making of"Nanking Government"
The Review of Economics & Political Science   57(5-6) 63-103   1989
Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Ching-wei : the 1st "Chiang-Wang Co-operation" in 1925-26
The Review of Economics & Political Science   59(5-6) 25-64   1991
The Significance of Sun Yat-sen's 'the Great Asia Principle' in Wang Ching-wei's "Peace Movement'
The Review of Economics & Political Science   61(2) 105-140   1992

Books etc

China's 'Revolvtionary Diplomacy' versus Japan's Bombs no.
'Nation and Politics' no.
Bureaucracy and Political Process no.
Wang Ching-wei and His Attempts at Democracy no.
Nov 2000   

Research Grants & Projects

"Study on the Sino-Japan Relation in the Republican China (Wang Ching wei,Chiang Kai-Shek)"
Project Year: Dec 2000 - Nov 2004
Democratization in the 20th Century China
Project Year: Mar 1995 - Mar 2000
Study on the Sino-Japanese Relation of the Republican China