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Agricultural Science(University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor Emeritus, Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics


Agricultural Economics, Graduate School, Division of Agricultural Science, University of Tokyo
Division of Political Science, School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University

Committee Memberships

Agricultural Economics Society of Japan  President
Agricultural Economics Society of Japan  Regular Director(Planning)
Agricultural Economics Society of Japan  Director

Awards & Honors

K. Horiguchi et al. (1993), “Issues for a Country dependent on Imported Foodstuff to Consider,” Nohbunkyo, pp. 1-263, which was awarded the 1994 NIRA Policy Research Tohata Memorial Award


Quality Preferences of Corn and Soybean Processors in Western Europe and Japan
University of Illinois, Bulletin, College of Agriculture, University of Illinois, U. S. A.   801    1990
Land Issues : Constraints on American Agriculture
Waseda University, The Waseda Journal of Political Science and Economics   307-308    1992
Reform of Japanese Farm Polict Following Agreement on Agricuture,the Act of the Uruguay Round,and Its Implications for Development of regional Agriculture
Iwanami-shoten, Journal of Rural Economics   67/2,64-76    1995

Books etc

The Political Economy of Trade Conflicts (jointly anthored)
Springer-Verlag   1994   
Symbiotic mechanisms and agricultural policies
Symbiosis of Government and Market-The private, the public and the bureaucracy, Routledge Curzon   2004   


Joint Research with University of Illinois on Quality Change of Exported US Grain
1985 - 1991
Survey on Farm Land Market after Land Improvement
1991 - 1992
Survey on Chinese Land Market
1995 - 1996

Research Grants & Projects

Land issues and land policy
Agricultural Policy and Japanese Food Managing System
Multinational Companies in Food Industry


Born June 19, 1942.
1. Graduated in 1965 from the 1st School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, with a BS in political science.
Earned an MA in 1968 and a PhD in 1992, both in agricultural economics, from the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, University of Tokyo.

2. He was assistant professor in the Departments of Fishing Industry and Agriculture at Kagoshima University (1968-76), and in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Tokyo University of Agriculture (1977-82). In 1982, he became Associate Professor at the same university, where he was Professor from 1988.
Then he became Professor in the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University in 1991. He served as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (1994-98), to become the Dean and Committee Member (1998-2001), and eventually to become Executive Director in 2001.
He has been the Vice-President of Waseda University (2002-2010).
He was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at University of
Illinois, USA, 1982-1983.

3.His field of specialization is agricultural policy and land tenure issues. His research publications include K. Horiguchi et al.
(1993), “Issues for a Country dependent on Imported Foodstuff to Consider,” Nohbunkyo, pp. 1-263, which was awarded the 1994 NIRA Policy Research Tohata Memorial Award;
K. Horiguchi (1985), “Land Ownership and Changing Function of Tenancy in the Corn-Belt,” Journal of Rural Economics, Vol. 56, No. 4, pp. 13-23; and K. Horiguchi (1984), “Erdkapital: terre-capital,” Nohrin-Tohkei Kyokai, pp. 1-247.

4.He has been Chairman of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan since April 2002 (to March 2004) and is a current Board Member of the Food System Research Association of Japan. He is also a member of the Japan Economic Policy Association, the Political Economy and Economic History Society, the International Association of Agricultural Economists, the Japanese Society for Cooperative Studies, the Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, the Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan, and the Rice Terrace Research Association.