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The University of Tokyo
Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
(BLANK), Master of Philosophy (Developoment Studies)

Research Areas



The Outlook for Political Reform in China
Japan Review of International Affairs   12(1) 54-60   1998
New Developments in Hong Kong Politics
The Returning of Hong Kong in 1997      1998
Various Dimensions of Politics in the Changing of Governmental Roles in China
'Hard and Soft Policies and the Future of Hong Kong' The World Today, Volume 52, Number 6, june
The Polifical Structure of China : Towards Constructing the 'Ten Major Relationships' of a Socialist Market Economy
International Affairs   406,2-16    1994
Whither the Communist Party of China?
ESP   262,29-33    1994
The Process and Prospect of Enterprise Reform in China : Lessons of Enterprise Privatasation in Russia
Japan's Aid to China : Based on New Developments in Reform and Opening-Up   123-138    1994
Beijing's Diplomacy and Sino-Taiwanese Relationship under the System of Socialist Market Economy
Issues and Studies   23(7) 61-67   1994
The Political Economy of Taxation in Hong Kong - Continuity or Change After 1997(共著)
East Asian Economic Association      1994
Policies for Introducting Foreign Investment
Report on Non-Governmental Economic Cooperation, Vol. 3, China   67-88    1993
Polifical Current in China with Focus on the 14th Party congress
The Political and Economic Currents in China -The Political Economy of China and Vietnam   1-21    1993
A New Phase in Power Struggle : Chinese Polifics after the 1st Session of the 8th National People's Congress
China's Economy   330,14-35    1993
Enterprise Reform and Fiscal Reform in China : Overlapping Webs of Interests
Asian Economic Journal   7(2) 147-162   1993
Transforming Enterprise Management Mechanisms in China : Background and the Current Situation
Bulletin of the Japan China Association on Economy & Trade   226    1992
Organisations of the Chinese Communist Party in the Country side : Existing Problems and the Aims of Revitalisation
Obirin Review of International Studies   4    1992
Book Review : Hong Yung Lee , From Revolutionary Cadres to Party Technocrats in Socialist China , University of California Press , 1991.
AJIA KEIZAI   33(7)    1992
Book Review : Ryosei Kokubun, The Political Process and Democratization in China, The Simul Press, 1992
AZIYA KENKYU   39(1) 103-111   1992
'A Head-on Collision : The Political Currents in China, Spring 1992' Discussion Paper for the Japan -U. S. Consultative Group on Policies toward the People's Republic of China
The Future of China's Policies on Reform and Opening-Up

Books etc

The South China Economic Zone
JETRO   1992   
The Politics of Wage Policy in Post-Revolutionary China
Macmillan   1992   
On-going debate on the Management and Employment of Stateowned Assets : Actors, Points of Disagreement, and Significance
China : Soft-landing towards the 21st Century   1997   
The Future of the Political System in Hong Kong
The Returning of Hong Kong and The Chinese Economy   1997   
The Development of Central-Local Relations and The Sense of Crisis among The Chinese
Is China a Threat?   1997   
Local Systems in Asian Countries   1998   

Research Grants & Projects

Organisation and personnel systems in china
The future of China and Security in Asia