MUTOH Takahiko

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MUTOH Takahiko
Docteur (]J1118[)s sciences politiques

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Seikei University Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics and Business

Published Papers

Overlapping Generations Model, Investment Function and Dynamic Efficiency of Resource Allocation
MUTOH Takahiko
Japanese Economic Review   46(4) 358-366   [Refereed]
Macroeconomic Model and the Missing Equation
MUTOH Takahiko、TANAKA Takafumi
46(1) 15-36


International Short term capital flow and the Foreign Exchange Rates : Japan 1973-80(共著)
Economic Studies Guarterly   35(2)    1984
The Equivalence of the Burden of Internal and External Public Debt
Economics Letters   17    1985
On the Relation between Monetary Interdependence and Exchange Rate volatility
Journal of Japanese & International Economies   1(PP.351-72)    1987
Solution Indeterminacy of the Rational Expectation Hypothesis
21(1)    1990
Is the Inrterest Differential Exogenons in Interest Rate Parity? The Japanese Experience 1979-1983(共著)
Economics Letters   21(4) 357-363   1986

Books etc

Macroeconomic Performance of Developing Economies : A Comparison of Korea,Thailand and the Phillipines since 1966
East Asian Economies:Transformations and Challenges,ch.3   1995   
Comments on "Financial Crisis and Economic Frictions among Asian and Pacific Countries,"
Dreams and Dilemmas : Economic Frictions and Dispute Resolution the Asia-Pacific   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Applied Open-Ecoromy Macroeconomics