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Seikei University
Faculty of Humanities, Department of English
Job title
Master of Arts

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Foreign Language, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Published Papers

The Phrasal Verb Give UP as a Verb of Relinquishment in Middle English
Harumi Tanabe
Seikei Review of English Studies   (12) 96-117   2008
Variation in Nominal Inflectional Morphology in Ancrene Wisse Manuscripts
Harumi Tanabe
Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities Seikei University   (43) 109-120   2008
This as a Pragmatic Marker in the Miller's Tale and the Reeve's Tale
Seikei Review of English Studies   7 83-95   2003
Alternatives of Prefixed Verbs in Ancrene Wisse; The Final Report.
Seikei Review of English Studies   (61) 61-87   2002
Alternatives of Prefixed Verbs in Ancrene Wisse : An Interim Report
Seikei Review of English Studies   5(5) 105-124   2001


How STELLA Works : A Report on English Language and Literature Lab in the University of Glasgow
Seikei Review of English Studies   (1) 149-163   1997
The Medieval English Compendium on the Web
Medieval English Studies Newsletter   (37) 41-42   1997
New Trends in Philology Applied to the 15C Female Language
BCTEA Bulletin (The British Council University/College Teachers of English Alumni Association)   5,16-17    1993
Phrasal Verbs in Late Middle English : A Semantic Approach.
Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities Seikei University   26    1990
Demonstratives in Japanese and English.
Study Report of the Japan College of Social Work   34(220-7 206) 2   1988

Books etc

Tanabe Harumi, Scahill John, Ono Shoko
Peter Lang   2015   ISBN:9783631663059
Kytö Merja, Scahill John, 田辺 春美
P. Lang   2010   ISBN:9783034303729
"Mid and with in Ancrene Wisse Manuscript Texts Revisited" Text, Language and Interpretation: Essays in Honour of Keiko Ikegami
Eihousha   2007   ISBN:978-4-269-72090-9
"Prefixed Verbs and Simple Verbs in AB Language" Experimental Phonetics and General Linguistics: A Festschrift for Dr. Hakutaro Joho on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday
Tokyodo Shuppan   2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Historical Development of English Phrasal Verbs
Parallel Diplomatic Manuscript Text of Katherine Group
Historical Development of Comment Clauses in English