KANNO Hiroshi

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KANNO Hiroshi
Soka University
Faculty of Letters, Department of Humanities, Soka University Faculty of Letters Department of Humanities
Job title
Doctor of Literature(The University of Tokyo)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Indian Philosophy, Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Association of the East Asian Buddhist Studies  President

Awards & Honors

The award of the Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies


An Overview of Research on Chinese Commentaries of the Lotus Sutra, and Related Issues
Hiroshi Kanno
Journal of Buddhist Studies of Komazawa University   41 19-39   2010
The Core of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Teachings and the Distinctive Features of the Lotus Sutra
Hiroshi Kanno
The Journal of Oriental Studies   19 36-50   2009
The concepts of Original Enlightenment and Non-enlightenment in the Dasheng zhiguan famen
Hiroshi Kanno
Zongjiao Yanjiu   37-49   2009
Preliminary Research on the Dasheng silun xuanyiji
Hiroshi Kanno
The Journal of Geungang University   5 65-90   2009
On the “Four modes of interpretation” of the Fahua wenju
Hiroshi Kanno
Chunichikan Tendai Gakujutsu taiwa (Zhongrihan Tiantai Xueshu Duihua)   49-58   2011

Books etc

Reading the Fahua xuanyi: Introduction to the Tiantai Thought
Daizo-shuppan   2013   
Introduction to the Profound Meaning of the Lotus Sutra
Daisanbunmei-sha   1997   
The Emergence of the Lotus Sutra
Daizo shuppan   1997   
The Annotated Translation of the Fahua xuanyi, Part 2
Daizo-shuppan   2013   
The Lotus Sutra: The Eternal Bodhisattva way (revised edition)
Daizo-shuppan   2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

On the “Four Interpretations” of the Fahua wenju
The International Symposium of Tiantai School between China, Japan and Korea   2009   
Study of the Chinese Commentaries on the Lotus Sutra and Its Future Subject
The Fiftieth Aniversary Symposium of Fang litian at Renmin University   2011   
Huisi's Thought of Forbearance
The 4th conference of Buddist Studies between China and Japan   2010   
English Translation of Chinese Buddhist Terms
The First Forum of International Buddhist Studies   2011   
Analisis of the First Chapter "Synopsis" of the Meaning of Buddha Nature in the Dasheng silun xuanyi ji
Annual Conference of Association of East Asian Buddhist Studies   2011   


The Report of the 3rd Conference of Buddist Studies between China and Japan
The Report of the 4th Conference of Buddist Studies between China and Japan
Interview: The Vision of Interfaith Dialogue Indicated by theLotus Sutra
The Comparative Study of the Views on the Lotus Sutra between Zhiyi and Jizang
1998 - 2000
Chronological Table of Chinese Buddhism, part 1

Research Grants & Projects

Research on Chinese commetaries on the Lotus Sutra
Project Year: 1976