Ben Tsutom WADA

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Ben Tsutom WADA
Nagano University
Faculty of Business and Information, Department of Business and Information
Job title
-(University of Tsukuba)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2007
Professor, Dipartment of Business and Informatics, Nagano University
Apr 1999
Mar 2007
Professor, Division of Industry and Information Science, Nagano University
Apr 2006
Sep 2006
Invited Professor, Divisiton of Computer Education, Department of Education, Korea University
Nagano Univ., Associate Professor
Nagano Univ., Assistant Professor
Nagano Univ., Assistant Professor


Graduate School, Division of Mathematics, University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Awards & Honors

Feb 2019
Award for distinguished professor, Award for distinguished professor, Nagano University
Jun 2018
Contribution for Society activity Award, Information Processing Society of Japan

Published Papers

Ben Tsutom WADA, Yoshiaki NAKANO
-   60(7) 665-668   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
Current Situation of Teachers of Informatics at High Schools in Japan
Yasuichi NAKAYAMA1, Yoshiaki NAKANO, Yasushi KUNO1, Ben Tsutom WADA, Hiroyasu KAKUDA, Masami HAGIYA, Katsuhiko KAKEHI
Olympiads in Informatics   12 1-9   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
In March 2018, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology revised the curriculum guidelines for high school, which will be applied in 2022. The subject of Informatics has been drastically changed; ‘Informatics I’ a...
Education of Informatics in Sri Lanka at Primary- and Secondary Schools and in General Education and Examinations of Informatics
Chathurika EDIRISINGHE, Ben Tsutom WADA†
Sig. report, Computer and Education, Information Processing Society of Japan   2018(144) 1-55   Mar 2018
An Experience of Teaching Computer Science for University Students with Computer Science Unplugged
Ben Tsutom WADA
Sig. report, Computer and Education, Information Processing Society of Japan   2017(141) 1-7   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
I teach university(undergraduate) class "Algorithm and Data Structure" partially using Computer Science Unplugged activities. In this presentation I introduce the configuration of this class including the usage of some CS Unplugged activities, th...
Current Situation of Teachers Assigned for the Subject of `Information' at High-schools in Japan
Yasuichi NAKAYAMA1,a) Yoshiaki NAKANO2 Hiroyasu KAKUDA1 Yasushi KUNO3,y1 Mitsugu SUZUKI4 Ben Tsutom WADA5 Masami HAGIYA6 Katsuhiko KAKEHI7
Transaction in Education and Computers of Information Processing Society of Japan   3(2) 41-51   Jun 2017   [Refereed]


Communications of the ACM   27(5)    1984
A video system for computer-science education and 'AV Lecture Record'
An introductory education of programming for novice undergraduate freshmen-from LOGO to C
Proceedings of the 22nd jus UNIX Symposium   31-42    1993
A concept of an audio-video system with the delayed-displaying feature of live programs and its application to the computer-science education
26-32   1994
The limitations of the standard model of information-processing education curriculums in "non-difficult (in admission) " colleges.
47-54   1994
The Basic Concept of NUANCE (Translator)
Bulletin of Nagano University   18(1) 24-56   1996
On Maintenance Work of Computing Environment in Schools
Proposal for the subject "Information" in senior high schools -Information B(2) "What is a program" and Information C(2)
98(49) 41-48   1998
Education of Programming -according to enlargirg education of information in primary and secondary schools.
A proposal of an education method for programming -leading students in solving problems
98-CE-50 57-64
An Experimental Project to Support Information Technology Education-A Case Study in a Primary School in Nagano
IPSJ Sig Notes   99(104) 41-   1999
An Experimental Project to support Information Technology Education
4-509-510   2000

Books etc

Information and Computing
Ohm publishing Co. Ltd.   2004   
Education of Information Basic Knowledge of Important 300 Terns.
A trial textbook of highschool general curriculum "Information"

Conference Activities & Talks

Ben Tsutom WADA
The 31st SEA Education Workshop   11 Oct 2018   
Tools/Languages for programming and informatics education used Japan - Programming system for education "Viscuit", - Programming language for education "Dolittle", - Computer Science Unplugged used for University Students [Invited]
Ben Tsutom WADA
한국교원대학교 2017년도 정보교육연구소 국제전문가 초청 세미나   29 Jan 2018   
New direction for programming education – Circumstances of Japanese government and society 프로그래밍 교육의 동향 – 일본의 정치와 사회의 상황
Ben Tsutom WADA
Korea-Japan Symposium of Programming Education for New Era   14 Dec 2017   


Introdutory education to "Programming World" using LOGO
1988 - 1995

Research Grants & Projects

A research on introductory education of programming and computer-science for novices
Informathion Theory and Data Compression