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Kyushu University
Faculty of Dental Science

Research Areas



Gustatory neural responses in three different strains mice.
Brain Research   302    1984
Qualitative discrimination of gustatory stimuli in three different strains of mice
Brain Research   322    1984
The Sweetness-inducing effect of miraculin ; behavioral and neurophysiological experiments in the rhesus monkey, MACACA MULATTA
Journal of Physiology   337    1983
Amiloride inhibition of responses of rat single chorda tympani fibers to chemical and electrical tongue stimulation
Brain Research   451    1988
Strain differences in amiloride inhibition of Nacl responses in mice, Mus musculus
Journal of Comparative physiology   166    1989

Books etc

Genetic and neuro behavioral approaches to the taste receptor mechanisms in mammals.
CRC Press   1993   
Taste receptor mechanisms influenced by a gene on chromosome 4 in mice
Marcel Dekker   1991   
Genetics of the gurmarin-sensitive sweet receptor in mice (共著)
Olfaction and Taste XI   1994   
Where and what is the target of the sweet taste inhibitory peptide, Gurmarin (共著)
Olfaction and Taste XI   1994   
Effect of novobiocin on cation channel formation and enhancement of salt taste (共著)
Olfaction and Taste XI   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Induction of taste receptors through selective synaptic formation between taste nerve tibers and cells
Molecular genetic identification of gurmarin-sensitive taste receptors
Taste neural coding system in primates