WILLIS David Blake

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WILLIS David Blake
Job title
Professor of Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Multicultural Education
Ph.D., Ph.D. Studies, M.A., B.A.

Research Areas



Transculturals, Transnationals: The New Diaspora
The International Schools Journal      1994
Transnationals, Transculturals, and TCKs : Dilemmas of Identity in an International Age
The Annual Report of Research of Soai University   8    1992
The Beginning Teacher: The Japanese Experience
World Congress of Comparative Education      1992
Transnational Culture and the Role of Language : An International School and Its Community
Journal of General Education      1992
Policy-Making in American Education
The Annual Report of Research of Soai University   7    1991

Books etc

American Education-A View for the 1990s from Japan, With Comparisons Relevant to the Japanese Case.
Yamaguchi Shoten『World Education-Japanese Education』   1992   
Indian Education and Suggestions From Japan-What Contributions Can Japan Make for the Development of Education?
Yamaguchi Shoten『World Education-Japanese Education』   1992   
Creating Context : Experiencing and Understanding Cultural Worlds
Zephyr Press, USA   1996   


Education in India-Comparative Education research(fieldwork-)
Transnational Culture-Fieldwork in International Communities of Kobe, Japan and USA cities
1980 - 1992
Teacher Education in Japan and America
1988 - 1994
Educational Leaders in Japan and America
1986 - 1992
Japanese Students Overseas and as Returnees to Japan
1983 - 1994

Research Grants & Projects

Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Teacher Education, Returnees, Development, Intercultural, Multicultural, Policy-Making, Education in India, Values, Transcultural, Transnational, Creoles, Creolization
Frontier Research
Project Year: 1980   
Educational Anthropology, Ethnography
Comparative, Developmental, International, Women's Studies