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Momoyama Gakuin University
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Master of Education(Kyoto University)

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Graduate School, Division of Education, Kyoto University

Published Papers

On the Reason of Tomeri Tanimoto's Resignation from Kyoto Imperial University
1-17   Oct 2011
Review of the Preamble to "Gakusei"
Human Sciences Review   (40) 269-322   Mar 2011
A Foreigner's View of "Gakusei", Modern Japans's Fierst Educational System Ordinance
Intercultural Studies   (42) 165-228   Oct 2010
Teruo Takenaka
Intercultural studies   (39) 308-271   Mar 2009
This paper discusses the following seven points concerning the appropriateness of the accepted theory that the educational finance policy of Gakusei (modern Japan's first educational system ordinance, passed in 1872) was based on "beneficiary char...
Teruo Takenaka
Human sciences review,St. Andrew's University   (36) 650-578   Mar 2009
This paper mainly discusses the following four points. 1. It is said in earlier studies on the history of Japanese education that the Ministry of Finance, especially Kaoru Inoue (the temporary head of the Ministry), assessed particularly severely ...
Teruo Takenaka
Human sciences review,St. Andrew's University   (34) 131-210   Dec 2007
This paper mainly discusses the following six points.1. In order to understand the political background of Gakusei, we have to recognize not only the opposition of the Ministry of Finance on the grounds of financial difficulties, but also the fact...
Teruo Takenaka
Human sciences review,St. Andrew's University   (30) 52-98   Jan 2006
This paper discusses mainly the following four points.1. According to many studies and source books about the history of Japanese education, the preface of "Gakusei" was issued by the Dazyokan-ordinance No.241 on the 2nd of August(by the lunar cal...
国際文化論集 = INTERCULTURAL STUDIES   15, 61-90(15) 61-89   Feb 1997
Die Edelweiβpiraten, die der Hitlerjugend feindlich gegenuberstanden, hatten eigentlich ihre eigene Zwecke, in ihrer freien Zeit gemeinsam mit ihren Mitgliedern auf Wanderfahrt zu gehen, miteinander sich zu unterhalten und zu singen u. a. Aber die...


Keiko Shimizu, Teruo Takenaka, Yuriko Seya
St. Andrew's University bulletin of the Research Institute   33(3) 185-205   Mar 2008
This study was designed to analyze the effects of note-taking services for students with hearing disabilities, as a part of the activities of the collaborative research project (04-kyou-169) at the Research Institute of Momoyama Gakuin University....
Character of Public Schools in Prewar Japan : An Analysis of the Tokushima "Swinging Pole Case"
Human Sciences Review St. Andrew's University   3, 55-109    1992
History Education and Education for Peace in West Germany
Journal of Human Sciences St. Andrew's University   25(1) 87-115   1989
The Evolution of Penal Procedures against Parents of School Absentees : A Study of the Okinawa Cow-Stealing Case.
Human Sciences Review St. Andrew's University   4, 5-63    1993
Justification of Legally-Prohibited Corporal Punishment in Japanese Schools
Human Sciences Review St. Andrew's University   5, 31-34    1993

Books etc

A Review of the "Gakusei", Modern Japan's First Educational Ordinance(1872) 
Jan 2013   
Herbartianism Pedagogics -Its Political Role
Keiso Shobo   1987   
Foreigner Professor Hausknecht‘jointly worked’
Tokyo University Press   1991   
Enclosed Schools=1900-On the History of Education in Modern Japan
Keiso Shobo   1994   
Edelweisspiraten-Juvenile Protestgroup in German NS-Period
Keiso Shobo   1998   
A Study of "Bunken" - State Examination for the Secondary School Teacher's Certificate and Pre-war Pedagogics in Japan
Gakubun-sha   1997   
Questions in the State Examination for Secondary School Teachers in Pre-War Japan‘jointly worked’
Gakubun-sha   2003   
Pedagogics Pursueing Humanity‘jointly worked’
Showa-do   1983   
Pedagogics to Reconsider “Human Being”‘jointly worked’
Showa-do   1991   
(The) Imperial Diet and Educational Policy‘jointly worked’
Shibunkaku-Shupan   1981   
Educational Public Opinion in Meiji Era (Part 2)‘jointly worked’
Fukumura-shupan   1972   
Education in Taisho Era‘jointly worked’
Daiichi-hoki   1978   
Education and Internationalization in Present Japan‘jointly worked’
Fukumura-shupan   1988   
Overseas Opinions denying Corporal Punishment introduced in the Magazines of Japanese Ministry of Education in the Early Meiji Era.
Annual Report of Educational Research 2   1993   
Pedagogics looking at the Times
Nakanishiya-shupan   1997   

Research Grants & Projects

Juvenile Deviates during the Second World War in Japan
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2003   
Reexamination of Studies on "Gakusei"(The First Educational System Ordinance in Modern Japan, 1872)
The Other Research Programs