SANO Kouichi

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SANO Kouichi
Osaka Medical College
Depratment of Microbiology
Job title
PhD(Osaka Medical College)

Research Areas


Published Papers

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Human immunodeficiency virus
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Recent status of tuberculosis
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Books etc

Ultrastructure and surface properties of persistently human immunodeficiency virus type-1-infected cells
Membrane Interaction of HIV   1992   


Differentiation between HIV-1 and HIV-2 isolates by non-radioisotopic reverse transcriptase-typing assay
Establishment of non-radioisotopic reverse transcriptase assay
1988 - 1996

Research Grants & Projects

Disintecive effect of electrolyzed NaCl solution against pathogenic viruses
Nanotransprotation system of bacteria
Project Year: 2003 - 2011
Inactivation of clinical waste water by electrolysis
Project Year:  - 2006
Infection control


AIDS prognosis test detecting the presence of antibody inhibiting HIV reverse transcriptase.
United State Patent Number: 4,942,122Date: Jul. 17, 1990
Method for the measurement of reverse transcriptase by nonradioactive substance.
United StatePatentNumber:5,508,166Date: Apr.16,1996
Method for the measurement of reverse transcriptase by nonradioactive substance.
Germany, France and Italy Patent Number: 0392459Date: Aug. 9, 1995
Method for the measurement of reverse transcriptase by immobilized primer.
Germany, France and Italy PatentNumber: 0480408Date: Sep. 13, 1995
Water treatment apparatus and method
US7,361,263 B2. Date: Apr. 22, 2008