MIZUHARA Masamichi

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MIZUHARA Masamichi
Osaka Gakuin University
Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics

Research Areas



Samuel Slater : the Entrepreneur at the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution
The Hikone Ronso   150,61-108    1971
Labor Management at the Slater Mills
The Hikone Ronso   158・159,97-117    1972
Francis Lowell : the Entrepreneur at the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution
The Hikone Ronso   164・165,241-254    1973
Incorporation for the Sutton Manufacturing Company : from its Establishment to Dissolution.
Osaka Daigaku Keizaigaku   35(1) 264-280   1986
Cost Accounting System and Management at Sutton Manufacturing Company
Osaka Daigaku Keizaigaku   35(4) 255-274   1986

Books etc

Merchants' Innovative Behavior in the Edo Era, Japan
Yuhikaku   1978   
A Research on Prices around Osaka at the End of Edo Era, Japan
Historical Development of the Commodity Circulation, Mineruba Shob(]J1155[)   1967   
One Case Study of the Business History of the American Cotton Industry in the 19th Century : the Business History of the Pepperell Company, 1850-1870
The Historical Basis of Modern Economy, Mineruba Shobo   1977   
A Study on the Chubei Ito I and Development of the early Modern Japanese Distribution : the Rolls of the Deregulationin the success Story.
Entrepreneurialship in the Modern Osaka, Japan.   1997   


Historical Documents of Yokaichi, Shiga, Japan, 6
Historical Documents of Omi Shonin, Gokasho, Shiga, Japan. I
Historical Documents of Gokasho, Shiga, Japan. 3
History of Local District, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan, 3
History of Local District, Yokaichi, Shiga Japan, 3

Research Grants & Projects

Historical Study on the Marketing of Fertilizer, Edo, Japan
Business History on the Textile Industry in the U. S. A.