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Kansai University
Faculty of LettersGeneral Department of Humanities
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Master of Literature
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Faculty of Literature, Kansai University
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kansai University
Egyptology, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University

Published Papers

Ba Concept in the Pyramid Texts.
SUITA Hiroshi;
Shisen   第71号26-41頁    Mar 1990
An Approach to the Ancient Egyptian Religious Anthropology, Exemplified by Ba.
SUITA Hiroshi;
Shisen   第73号1-11頁    Mar 1991
What Shape did Ka have in Old Kingdom, Ancient Egypt?
SUITA Hiroshi;
337-634頁    Mar 1992
Opposite Approaches to the God Conceptions in Ancient Egypt.
SUITA Hiroshi;
Essays and Studies by Members of the Faculty of Letters, Kansai University.   第43巻第1号141-164頁    Nov 1993
Coffin Texts Spell 285
SUITA Hiroshi;
Essays and Studies by Members of the Faculty of Letters, Kansai University   第44巻第1-4号311-327頁    Mar 1995


Restoration Science of Cultural Properties in Egypt: Examples from Mural Paintings of Pharaonic Age
SUITA Hiroshi;
Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan   第45巻第1号191-201頁    Sep 2002
Restoration of Mastaba Idout in Ancient Egypt
SUITA Hiroshi;Tadateru Nishiura;Fumitaka Yoneda;Ahmed Shoeib;Adel Akarish;
252-253    Jun 2004
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Mural painting of subterranean chamber of Idout in Saqqara, Egypt, and works for its conservation in 2005
SUITA Hiroshi;Adel I. M. AKARISH;Tadateru NISHIMURA;Robert ROGAL;Ahmed S. A. SHOEIB;Fumitaka YONEDA;
   Jan 2006
Restoration of Mastaba Idout in Ancient Egypt (2)
SUITA Hiroshi;Adel I. M. Akarish;Atsushi Ito;Setsuo Imazu;Iwataro Oka;Yasuhiro Oka;Masaaki Sawada;Ahmed S. A. Shoeib;Tadateru Nishiura;Tatsuaki Nishigata;Robert Rogal;Fumitaka Yoneda;
268-269    Jun 2006
Seminar on Egyptology
Higo, Tokihisa;SUITA, Hiroshi
   Mar 2017

Books etc

Elementary Grammar of Middle Egyptian
SUITA Hiroshi;
May 2003   
E. Hornung Geist der Pharaonenzeit
SUITA Hiroshi;
Jun 1992   
Jan Assmann, Mono-, Pan-, and Consmotheism : Thinking the 'one' in Egyptian theology.
SUITA Hiroshi;
SHISEN   Jan 1999   
Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Shoeib, Application of Polyurethane as an Intervention Layer for a New Support in Transferred Wall Paintings
SUITA Hiroshi;
Jul 2002   
Mohamed Abd el-Hady, Restoration Principles of Mashrabiya
SUITA Hiroshi;
Jul 2003   

Conference Activities & Talks

Restoration Project of Burial Chamber of Mastaba Idout in Saqqara, Egypt
SUITA Hiroshi;Adel Akarish;Tadateru Nishiura;Ahmed Shoaib;Fumitaka Yoneda;
Abstracts of Papers: IXth International Congress of Egyptologists   11 Sep 2004   
Method to Restore the Mural Painting of Idout, Egypt: Plan and Result in the Third Season
SUITA Hiroshi;;
30 Oct 2005   
Research and Restoration of Mastaba Idout, Egypt: Outline of the Fourth Mission
SUITA Hiroshi;;
29 Oct 2006   
Restoration Works of Mural Painting of Idout, Saqqara, Egypt.
SUITA Hiroshi;Ahmed S. A. Shoeib;Adel I. M. Akarish;Robert Rogal;Tadateru Nishiura;Iwataro Oka;
Tenth International Congress of Egyptologists: Abstracts of Papers   25 May 2008   
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Characterization of degradate animal glue in the wall paintings of the Idout Tomb
;;Ahmed Sayed Shoeib;Adel Akarish;SUITA,Hiroshi;;;
6 Jul 2014   


Director, The Egyptian-Japanese Mission for the Mastaba Idout: Fist Season (November 2003).
SUITA Hiroshi;   2003
Grant-in-Aid for International Scientific Research 20030401-20050331
Director, The Egyptian-Japanese Mission for the Mastaba Idout. Third Season (December 2005 - January 2006).
SUITA Hiroshi;   Dec 2005
Director, The Egyptian-Japanese Mission for the Mastaba Idout. Fourth Season (July - September, 2006).
SUITA Hiroshi;   Jul 2006
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Research Grants & Projects

Conservation of Cultural Properties in Egypt