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Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Materials Science
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Apr 2016
Prof., NAIST

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International Journal of Analytical Chemistry  Editor
Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research  Editor
Japan Oil Chemists' Society (JOCS)  President
Letter in Organic Chemistry  Editor
Journal of Essential Oil-Bearing Plants  Editor
Journal of Oleo Sciece  Editor in Chief, Exective Editor
Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics (TEAC)  President Main Office
Mini Reviews in Organic Chemistry  Editor

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President Award of Kinki (Kindai) University
Journal of Oleo Science Editors' award
Japan Oil Chemists' Society Award
Journal of Oleo Science Editor's Aword
Japan Oil Chemists' Society Editor's Aword
Japan Oil Chemists' Society Editor's Aword
Gold record of Achievemen

Published Papers

439. Biotransformation of (+)​-​isofraxinellone by Aspergillus niger and insect antifeedant activity
Okuno, Y.; Marumoto, S.; Tsurumi, J.; Miyazawa, M.
Nat. Prod. Res.   33(10) 1518-1521   2019   [Refereed]
438. Antimutagenic activity of flavonoids from Sozuku
Okuno, Y.; Marumoto, S.; Miyazawa, M.
Nat. Prod. Res.   33(6) 862-865   2019   [Refereed]
437. Biotransformation of (+)​-​Carvone and (-​)​-​Carvone by the common cutworm Spodoptera litura larvae
Marumoto, S.; Okuno, Y.; Hagiwara, Y. Miyazawa, M.
J. Oleo. Sci.   67(10) 1253-1257   2018   [Refereed]
436. Comparison of essential oils from three kinds of Cryptotaenia japonica Hassk (kirimitsuba, nemitsuba, and itomitsuba) used in Japanese food
Okuno, Y.; Marumoto, S.; Miyazawa, M.
J. Oleo Sci.    66(11) 1273-1276   2017   [Refereed]
Marumoto, S.; Shimizu, R.; Tanabe, G.; Okuno, Y.; Miyazawa, M.
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Marumoto Shinsuke; Okuno Y.; Miyazawa M.
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J. Oleo Sci.   64(12) 1329-1336   2015
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J. Oleo Sci.   64(11) 1235-1242   2015
425. Characteristic Odor of Edible Mushrooms used in Japanese Traditional Foods
M. Miyazawa
Environment and Health   28(3) 299-306   2015
T. Ono, A. Usami, S. Nakaya, K. Maeba, Y. Yonejima, M. Toyoda, A. Ikeda, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   64(10) 1125-1133   2015
M. Miyazawa, Y. Nakashima, H. Nakahashi, N. Hara, H. Nakagawa, A. Usami, W. Chavasiri.
J. Oleo Sci.   64(9) 999-1007   2015
422. Metabolism of (-)-cis- and (-)-trans-Rose oxide by Cytochrome Enzyme P450 in Human Liver Microsomes
H. Nakahashi, Y. Yamamura, A. Usami, P. Rangsuvigit, P. Malakul, M. Miyazawa. 
Biopharm. Drug Dispos.   36(9) 565-574   2015
421. Volatile Composition and Aroma Evaluation of Chrysanthemum coronarium
M. Miyazawa, H. Otsuka, S. Nakaya, A. Usami.
J. Biochem. Mol. Biol. Res.   1(2) 46-53   2015
420.Agroecosystem Development of Industrial Fermentation Waste -Suppressive Effects of Beer Yeast Cell Wall Extract on Plant Diseases-
M. Marian, K. Ogawa, Y. Yoshikawa, S. Takahashi, A. Usami, M. Shimizu, M. Miyazawa, M. Hyakumachi
Current Environ. Engineer.   13(3) 207-211   2015
A. Usami, R. Motooka, H. Nakahashi, S. Marumoto, M. Miyazawa
Chem. Biodivers.    12(11) 1734-1745   2015
417. Orchestration of concurrent oxidation and reduction reactions for biotransformation of (+)-(1S)- and (−)-(1R)-camphorquinone by the larvae of common cutworm (Spodoptera litura)
A. Usami, R. Motooka, M. Miyazawa
J. Essent. Oil Bear. Plant.   DOI: 10.1080/0972060X.2015.100   2015
416. Characteristic Chemical Components and Aroma-active Compounds of the Essential Oils from Ranunculus nipponicus var. submerses used in Japanese Traditional Food
S. Nakaya, A. Usami, T. Yorimoto, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   64(6) 595-601   2015
T. Ono, A. Usami, S. Nakaya, H. Shinpuku, Y. Yonejima, A. Ikeda, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   64(5) 585-594   2015
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J. Oleo Sci.   64(5) 577-584   2015
413. Biotransformation of (+)-(1R,2S,4R)-borneol and (-)-(1S,2R,4S)-borneol by Spodoptera litura (common cutworm) larvae
S. Marumoto, Y. Okuno, Y. Miyamoto, M. Miyazawa
J. Mol. Catal. B: Enzym.    115 160-167   2015
N. Yagi, H. Nakahashi, Y. Kashima, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   63(12) 1223-1229   2014
A. Usami, R. Motooka, M. Miyazawa
Biocatal. Biotransfor.    32(5-6) 285-289   2014
409. Charactesteic Odor Components of Volatile Oil from the Cultivation Medium Lactobacillus acidophitus
T. Ono, Y. Yonejima, A. Ikeda, Y. Kashima, S. Nakaya, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   63(10) 971-978   2014
H. Nakahashi, N. Yagi, M. Miyazawa
J. Asian Nat. Prod. Res.    16(9) 936-940   2014
407. Aroma Evaluation of Setonojigiku (Chrysanthemum japonense var. debile) by Hydrodistillation and Solvent-assisted Flavour Evaporation
A. Usami, H. Nakahashi, S. Marumoto, M. Miyazawa
Phytochem. Anal.    25(6) 561-566   2014
405. Characteristic Odorants from Bailingu Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii var. tuoliensis) and Summer Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus cystidiosus)
A. Usami, R. Motooka, H. Nakahashi, Y. Okuno, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   63(7) 731-739   2014
401. Comparison of Agitake (Pleurotus eryngii var. ferulae) Volatile Components with Characteristic Odors Extracted by Hydrodistillaton and Solvent-assisted Flavor Evaporation
A. Usami, T. Ono, Y. Kashima, H. Nakahashi, S. Marumoto, S. Nosaka, S. Watanabe, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   63(1) 83-92   2014
Y. Kashima, S. Nakaya, M, Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   63(2) 149-158   2014
398. Character impact odorants from mushrooms [Pleurotus citrinopileatus, Pleurotus eryngii var. ferulae, Lactarius hatsudake, and Hericium erinacuus (Bull.:Fr.) Pers.] used in Japanese traditional food
M. Miyazawa, A. Usami
J. Nagoya Gakuin Univ. (Nagoya Gakuin Daigaku Ronsyu)   50(2) 1-24   2014
H.A. Naznin, D. Kiyohara, M. Kimura, M. Shimizu, M. Hyakumachi, M. Miyazawa
Plos One    9(1) e86882/1-e86882/10   2014
396. Synthesis, antioxidant capacity, and structure-activity relationships of tri-O-methylnorbergenin analogues on tyrosinase inhibition
Y. Kashima, M. Miyazawa
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.    23(24) 6580-6584   2013
395. Human Pharmacokinetics of Menthol by Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
M. Miyazawa, H. Nakahashi
Koryo   63(2) 37-45   2013
H.A. Naznin, M. Kimura, M. Miyazawa, M. Hyakumachi
Microbes Environ.    28(3) 42-49   2013
A. Usami, T. Ono, S. Marumoto, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.   62(8) 631-636   2013
A. Usami, Y. Kashima, S. Marumoto, M. Miyazawa
J. Oleo Sci.    62(8) 563-570   2013

Books etc

Natural Products Chemistry
15. Advanced Technologies for Terpenoids
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14. Cosmetic Science
Kyouritsu   2014   ISBN:978-4-320-06177-4
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10. Experimental Biomolecular Chemistry
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7. Drug Store Q&A
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2. Industrial Organic Chemistry
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Conference Activities & Talks

Human pharmacokinetics of mint flavor by cytochrome P450 enzymes.
Feb 2016   


62. JP 2014125465 A 20140707 : Novel karahanaenone derivatatives, cyclooxigenase 2 inhibitor, use thereof and its preparation
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
64. JP 2014143951 A 20140814 : Discoloration prevention method of saffron dyes
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Mori, Kiyoshi; Nomura, Machi
60. JP 2013091633 A 20130516 : Sugar alcohol esters, mutation inhibitor containing the esters or Hericium erinaceum extract, and food and cosmetic containing the mutation inhibitor
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takahashi, Toshiyuki; Horibe, Isao; Ishikawa, Ryuzo
61. JP 2013095720 A 20130520 : Safflower seed-derived novel serotonin derivative as tyrosinase inhibitor, preparation thereof, and skin-lightening cosmetic, pharmaceutical composition, discoloration inhibitor, and food additive containing it
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takahashi, Toshiyuki
59. JP 2013144657 A 20130725 : Novel sesquiterpenoids from Alangium salviifolium bark and their uses
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
56. JP 2012087083 A 20120510 : 4-Ethylidene-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrrole, pharmaceutical composition containing it, and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, insecticides, and insect repellents containing it or Corydalis plant essential oil
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
58. JP 2012077030 A 20120419 : Isohericerin or 2-N-deethylphenylisohericerin, β-secretase inhibitors containing it, and dementia inhibitors, cosmetics, aromatherapy carrier oil, and food additives
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Horibe, Isao; Dejima, Yoshiyuki; Ishikawa, Ryuzo
57. JP 2012077033 A 20120419 : Helicobacter pylori motility inhibitors containing monoterpenes, anti-infective agents containing the inhibitors, and H. pylori eradicating agents containing the inhibitors and antibacterial agents
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Okuno, Shoji; Kataoka, Satoshi
55. JP 2012097048 A 20120524 : α-Glucosidase inhibiting compositions containing serotonin derivatives or safflower seed extract, and their uses
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takahashi, Toshiyuki; Araki, Hideo
54. WO 2011034126 A1 20110324 : Process for asymmetric synthesis of equol using lipase from daidzein
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Horibe, Isao; Araki, Hideo
52. JP 2011068597 A 20110407 : Yellow batai (Peltophorum dasyrachis) essential oil extracts as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
51. JP 2011189090 A 20110929 : Bioabsorbable materials for treatment of abdominal incisional hernia
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Sakamoto, Yuki
48. JP 2011246419 A 20111208 : Lignan derivatives, and antiviral agents and anti-influenza virus agents containing them
Utsunomiya, Hirotoshi; Okuno, Shoji; Miyamoto, Kazuaki; Miyazawa, Mitsuo
50. JP 2011206095 A 20111020 : Bioabsorbable materials of treatment of fistula
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Aikawa, Kimiyasu; Sakamoto, Yuki
53. JP 2011062140 A 20110331 : Lignan-enriched pickled ume and manufacture thereof
Utsunomiya, Hirotoshi; Okuno, Shoji; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Hosokawa, Kiyoshi; Hosokawa, Ikuhiro; Tonohata, Masatoshi; Okahata, Takashi
49. JP 2011225478 A 20111110 : Turmerone derivatives, their manufacture biotransformation, and their use for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and for prevention or treatment of senile dementia or Alzheimer's dementia
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
46. JP 2010030907 A 20100212 : 2-Furfuryl cinnamate derivatives, their preparation, their extraction from broccoli, and antioxidants, food, and cosmetics containing them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Muratsubaki, Yasutaka; Nakada, Hiroyuki; Mori, Toshiki
47. JP 2010173964 A 20100812 : Preparation of serotonin derivatives, tyrosinase inhibitors containing them, and skin-lightening cosmetics containing them or Phyllostachys pubescens extracts
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takahashi, Toshiyuki; Mizui, Koji; Horibe, Isao
40. JP 2010173973 A 20100812 : CYP2A6 inhibitors containing monoterpenes, smoking frequency reducing agents containing the inhibitors, and screening of CYP2A6 inhibitors
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Oda, Yoshiteru; Kawauchi, Yumi
45. JP 2010037299 A 20100218 : Novel tetrahydronaphthalene compounds, antioxidants and skin-lightening agents containing them, and drugs, cosmetics, and food containing Alangium salviifolium bark extracts
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
44. JP 2010069013 A 20100402 : Bile duct anagenesis material [machine translation]
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Ikada, Yoshito; Sakamoto, Yuki; Matsuda, Shojiro
43. JP 2010138095 A 20100624 : Cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors containing p-menthane monoterpenoids and cosmetics containing the inhibitors
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kawada, Junichi; Kameda, Munekazu
42. JP 2010254607 A 20101111 : Essential oils as β-secretase inhibitors
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
41. JP 2010260818 A 20101118 : Tyrosinase inhibitors containing yellow batai (Peltophorum dasyrrachis) extracts, and their uses as food additives and cosmetic additives
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
33. JP 2009108011 A 20090521 : Epoxy compounds, their manufacture, and their use for acetylcholinesterase (AchE) inhibitors, antidementia agents, perfumes, essential oils, and insect repellents
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
39. JP 2009114089 A 20090528 : β-Selinene derivative, its manufacture with Aspergillus or its enzymes, and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors containing the derivative
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takahashi, Tomohiko; Yamamoto, Keiichi
38. JP 2009114090 A 20090528 : (+)-Menthone derivatives, their manufacture with Noctuidae insects or their enzymes, and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors containing them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Hagiwara, Tomoki; Yamamoto, Keiichi
37. JP 2009167113 A 20090730 : Plant growth promoters containing lower fatty acids, methacrylic acid, etc., and promotion of plant growth using them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kimura, Minako; Horibe, Isao; Sakamoto, Masaya; Tsukamoto, Daisuke
35. JP 2009179590 A 20090813 : Degraded limonoids, their preparations, insect antifeedants and compositions containing them, and insect control using the compositions
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Tsurumi, Jun; Mori, Kiyoshi
36. JP 2009178125 A 20090813 : Microbial preparation of derivatives of compound with aromadendrane skeleton or the epoxy-cadinene skeleton
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takahashi, Tomohiko; Yamamoto, Keiichi
34. JP 2009249537 A 20091029 : Liquid cleansing compositions containing polyoxyethylene alkyl carboxymethyl ether amino acid salts with low skin irritation
Kameda, Shuichi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kawada, Junichi
30. JP 2008179546 A 20080807 : Longicyclene derivatives, tyrosinase inhibitors containing them, and their manufacture with Aspergillus
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Sakata, Kazuki; Yamamoto, Keiichi
31. JP 2008178309 A 20080807 : Manufacture of isolongifolene-9-one derivatives with Glomerella and Aspergillus
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Sakata, Kazuki; Yamamoto, Keiichi
32. JP 2008110929 A 20080515 : Ectoparasite-controlling agents containing essential oils
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Nakaya, Koki; Horibe, Isao; Yoshioka, Yoshiaki
27. JP 2007204410 A 20070816 : Lignan compounds and Helicobacter pylori motility inhibitors containing them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Horibe, Isao; Utsunomiya, Hirotoshi
28. JP 2007001872 A 20070111 : α-Glucosidase inhibitors containing pashanbheda extracts, and their use for treatment of diabetes mellitus, obesity, or viral infection
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Suzuki, Takuya; Yamaki, Hidehiko
29. JP 2007001871 A 20070111 : Animal repellent compositions containing black rice straw extracts, and feed containing them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kubo, Fukuzo; Kubo, Hiroyuki; Oshima, Akikazu
26. JP 2006006131 A 20060112 : Antimicrobial activity test method, anti-resistant pylori bacteria drug, method for preventing occurrence of pylori, and method for using plum extract
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Utsunomiya, Yosai; Takekoshi, Shin; Inada, Kenichi
25. JP 2006069921 A 20060316 : Plum extracts as α-glucosidase inhibitors
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Utsunomiya, Hirotoshi; Inada, Kenichi
24. JP 2006131589 A 20060525 : Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors containing essential oils, method for treatment of dementia, and antidementia agents, perfumes, and aromatherapy oils containing them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
22. JP 2006296352 A 20061102 : Functional umeboshi (pickled ume) with increased lignan content, and its manufacture
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Utsunomiya, Hirotoshi; Takekoshi, Shin; Inada, Kenichi; Hosokawa, Kiyoshi; Iguchi, Hisanobu
23. JP 2006151855 A 20060615 : Antimutagens containing extracts of yellow batai (Peltophorum dasyrachis), their use as food and cosmetic additives, and (+)-(9S)-surangin C
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
17. JP 2005261712 A 20050929 : Backing material for bile duct organization playback [Machine Translation].
Ikada, Yoshito; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Matsuda, Shojiro; Takahashi, Yoshitake
21. JP 2005023035 A 20050127 : A whitening agents and skin external agent containing Fabaceae plant Pithecellobium Tenue Craib bark extract
Yagi, Nobuo; Shindo, Masaki; Miyazawa, Mitsuo
20. JP 2005023036 A 20050127 : Skin whitening agent and skin external preparation containing extract of bark of PELTOPHORUM DASYRACHIS (MIQ.) KURZ EX BAKER of FABACEAE
Yagi, Nobuo; Shindo, Masaki; Miyazawa, Mitsuo
19. JP 2005023242 A 20050127 : Skin external preparation comprising antioxidant extract of Alangium salviifolium (Linn.F.) Wang of Alangiaceae family
Yagi, Nobuo; Shindo, Masaki; Miyazawa, Mitsuo
16. JP 2005272421 A 20051006 : Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors containing Aster pilosus essential oil
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yamafuji, Chikako; Kawazoe, Hideki; Umemoto, Kazuya
18. JP 2005255568 A 20050922 : Arctium lappa extracts as α-glucosidase inhibitors
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Yagi, Nobuo
13. JP 2004345969 A 20041209 : Tyrosinase inhibitors containing protocatechuic acid or its alkyl esters derived from black rice bran and skin-lightening cosmetics containing them
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kubo, Fukuzo; Kubo, Hiroyuki; Oshima, Akikazu
14. JP 2004123646 A 20040422 : Pest control agents containing periploside A derivatives or alkoxysalicylaldehyde
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Takagi, Hiroshi; Kasahara, Nobuo; Matsui, Masahiro
12. JP 2004352652 A 20041216 : Eudesmin analogs from plum extracts as inhibitors for Helicobacter pylori locomotor activity
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Utsunomiya, Hirotoshi; Takekoshi, Susumu; Inada, Kenichi
15. JP 2004051485 A 20040219 : Agrochemical fungicides containing cinnamic acids and their use for controlling snow mold
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Hyakucho, Mitsuo; Takagi, Hiroshi; Kasahara, Nobuo; Matsui, Masahiro
9. JP 2003277283 A 20031002 : Rice husk extracts containing momilactone A as antimutagenicity medicines, and food and cosmetic additives
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kubo, Fukuzo; Kubo, Hiroyuki; Oshima, Akikazu
8. JP 2003277307 A 20031002 : Menthols, their manufacture with Rhizoctonia solani, and their use as agrochemical fungistatic or fungicidal agents
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
11. JP 2003104880 A 20030409 : Organic acids as antimutagenicity medicines and health foods
Shiraishi, Toshinori; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Nariharu, Takaho
10. JP 2003231643 A 20030819 : Antimutagens and their use as additives for foods and cosmetics
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Kubo, Fukuzo; Kubo, Hiroyuki; Oshima, Akikazu
7. JP 2002316939 A 20021031 : Rice bran extract as α-glucosidase inhibitor and processed foods, antihyperglycemic agents, feeds, and additives containing the inhibitor
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Aono, Miki; Shindo, Masaki; Oshima, Akikazu
6. JP 61066787 A 19860405 : Musizin derivatives isolated from sorrel root as antioxidants in food and cosmetics
Kameoka, Hiroshi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo
3. JP 63088117 A 19880419 : Dentifrices containing 2-acetyl-1,8-dihydroxy-3-methylnaphthalene for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis and pyorrhea
Ikeda, Takashi; Kameoka, Hiroshi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Furukawa, Yasushi; Uehara, Keiichi
4. JP 63088121 A 19880419 : Musizin as testosterone-5α-reductase inhibitor
Ikeda, Takashi; Kameoka, Hiroshi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Furukawa, Yasushi; Uehara, Keiichi
2. JP 63088111 A 19880419 : Makeups containing 2-acetyl-1,8-dihydroxy-3-methylnaphthalene
Ikeda, Takashi; Kameoka, Hiroshi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Furukawa, Yasushi; Minami, Koji; Uehara, Keiichi
5. JP 63088113 A 19880419 : Hair preparations containing 2-acetyl-1,8-dihydroxy-3-methylnaphthalene for the control of dandruff
Sakamoto, Tetsuo; Kameoka, Hiroshi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Furukawa, Yasushi
1. JP 61282309 A 19861212 : A hair cosmetic containing Radix Rumicis Japonici
Sakamoto, Tetsuo; Kameoka, Hiroshi; Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Furukawa, Yasushi; Ikeda, Takashi
69. JP 6153634 B1 20170628 : CYP2A13 inhibitor comprising β-​damascenone derivative, smoking reduction agent, and method for their production by using Aspergillus niger
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
63. JP 2015024964 A 20150205 : CYP2A13 inhibitor containing monoterpene compound as active ingredient
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
67. JP 6072201 B1 20170201 : Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor containing essential oil component, and use thereof for improving brain function
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
65. JP 5689191 B1 20150325 : Method for preparation of 4-​ethylidene-​3,​4-​dihydro-​2H-​pyrrole via condensation of oxalic acid diester with γ-​butyrolactone
Miyazawa Mitsuo; Yagi Nobuo
66. JP 2016079125 A 20160516 : β-​Secretase inhibitor and acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor containing Chinese medicine volatile oil, and use thereof
Miyazawa, Mitsuo; Nakaya, Satoshi
68. JP 2017088577 A 20170525 : Hyaluronidase inhibitor containing Lindera umbellata essential oil, and antiinflmmatory, antiallergic, and skin external composition containing the same
Miyazawa, Mitsuo
70. JP 2019006728 A 20190117 : Preparation of a β-​damascone derivative and its use
Miyazawa, Mitsuo