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Kobe Women's University
Faculty of Home Economics
Job title
Doctor of Medical Science (Ph.D)(Kanazawa University), Master of Education(Tokyo Gakugei University)


Venous return from distal regions affects heat loss from the arms and legs during exercise-induced thermal loads.
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Quantification of heat balance during work in three types of asbestos protective clothing.
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Finger vasodilation correlates better with tympanic than esophageal temperature.
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Partitional measurement of capillary and arteriovenous anastomotic blood flow in the human finger by laser-Doppler flowmeter.
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Local thermal sensation and finger vasoconstriction in the locally heated hand.
European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology   58    1988

Books etc

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Research Grants & Projects

Study of Arteriovenous Anastomoses (AVA) Blood Flow on Human Thermoregulation
Effect of hygroscopic clothing on thermoregulatory responses during heat load
Interaction between Skin Blood Flow and Local Sweating during Thermal Load
Clothing comfort and thermoregulation