MAKABE Yoshiko

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MAKABE Yoshiko
(BLANK)(Meiji University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Faculty of Law and Literature, Okayama University


A Contemplation of Social System in the Kofun Period by Skeletal Remains from the Tombs.
The Journal of the Okayama Society for Histrical Research 12   12(37-55)    1962
A Study of Small Human Figures and Animals Decorated on the Sue Pottery.
Memoirs of the Kurashiki Archaeological Museum. 20   20(33-84)    1988
Background of Appearance of the Clay Figure of Woman : Haniwa.
Bulletin of Kobe Women's University 24L   24L(1-22)    1990
The Intention of Creation by Prayer in Sutra Engraved on Tile mounds.
The Journal of the Okayama Society for Historical Research 15   15(1-10)    1965
Research Report of the Sakazu-Mizue Site, Kurashiki City.
Memoirs of the Kurashiki Archaeological Museum 8   8(31-67)    1973

Books etc

Basic Studies on the Ancient History in Kibi Province.
GAKUSEISHA   1992   
Medicine and Man with Wing (CHŌZIN : 鳥人) in Ancient Izumo (出雲)
GAKUSEISHA   1999   
Marriage and Family
Study of the Kofun Period 12, YUZANKAKU   1992   
A View of the Forming Stone Coffins made from Tastuyama-Ishi.
Studies Dedicated to Professor Shinzi Nishitani on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday.   1995   
Izumo and Kyusyu・Yamato・Kibi.
Consideration for Ancient"Izumo" YOSHIKAWA KOBUNKAN   1993   


Distributional Research of the Ancient Salt-making Sites in Seto Inland Sea Area
1953 - 1955
Archaeological general Survey of The Kiln Sites, Bizen-yaki.
1964 - 1966
A Study of Identification of Rocks, forming Stone Coffins in the Kofun Period.
1973 - 1976

Research Grants & Projects

The Character of small figures decorated on the SUE Pottery
Contemplation of Ancient Woman by Archaeological Object.
A Stady of Ancient Medicine by Archaeologial Object