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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Takarazuka University School of Art and Design


The ideal state in Plato's Republic, Its interpretation through the analogy of state and individual.
Journal of Classical Studies 7   7    1959
Plato's Point of view.
Journal of Classical Studies 19   19    1971
'Eνθουσιασμ(]J1149[)s and μ(]J0684[)μησis. On Plato's View of the poet.
Osaka Furitsu Univ. Bulletin. Ser. C, Vl   13    1965
Essay on recent studies of Plato.
Riso no, 409   409    1967
Werner Jaeger, Plato and Posterity, Japanese Transl.
The Humanities   1    1983

Books etc

Handbook for the student of Philosophy
Kyoto, Sekaishisoshya   1972   
Outline of the Studies of Philosophy. vol. I. Ancient Philosophy
Tokyo, Kawadeshyobo-Shinshya   1977   
The Republic and other Works of Plato, Japanese transl.
Tokyo, Chyokoronsya   1998   
The Works of Plato, Japanese transL. vol. 7
Tokyo, Iwanami.   1998   
The Works of Plato, Japanese transl. vol, 15
Tokyo, Iwanami.   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Greek Philosophy