UESHIMA Yasuhiro

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UESHIMA Yasuhiro
Former Institution / Organization Tezukayama University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
(BLANK)(Osaka University), (BLANK)

Research Areas



Wage Cohesion among Occupations and Efficiency Wage Theory -Investigation of Interindustry Wage Differentials-
The Economic Review   41(1)    1990
On the Changes in the Wage Stucture of Japanese Manufacturing Industries, 1961-1993.
51(1)    2000
Growth in the Relative Demand For Young College Educated Women (Coauthored)
Tezukayama University Institute of Economics Discussion Poper Series, No. 005      1999
Why Wages Equdized in the High-Speed Growth Era -Japanese Manubecturing, 1961-1969-
Tezukayama University Discussion Paper Series No. J-117      1998

Research Grants & Projects

Empirical Studies on Changes in the Structures of Wages and Employment
Empirical Studies on Efficiency Wage Theory
Technologccal Change and Educatinal Upgrading