HAMAYA Yoshihiro

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HAMAYA Yoshihiro
Okayama University of Science
Faculty of Informatics, Department of Information Science
Ph. Dr.(Okayama University of Science), Ph. Dr.

Research Areas



Applied Mathematics, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Okayama University of Science
Applied Mathematics, -, -

Published Papers

Stability properties and almost periodic solutions of abstract functional differential equations with infinite delay
Y. Hamaya
Libertys Mathematica   XXXI 93-102   2011   [Refereed]
On the criteria for irrational number of recursive sequences
Y. Hamaya
Advances and Applications in Discrete   4(1) 87-93   2009   [Refereed]
On the stability property of a rational difference equation
Y. Hamaya and H. Muramoto
Advances and Aplications in Discrete   1(2) 195-214   Sep 2008   [Refereed]
On the existence of almost periodic solutions of a nonlinear Volterra difference equation
Yoshihiro Hamaya
International Journal of Difference Equations   2(2) 187-196   Dec 2007   [Refereed]
Global attractivity for a non-autonomous neutral difference equation
G. Wang, S. S. Cheng and Y. Hamaya
International Journal of Mathematics   2(1) 33-40   Nov 2007   [Refereed]
On global asymptotic stability of nonlinear stochastic difference equation with delays
Y. Hamaya and A. Rodkina
International Journal of Difference Equations   1(1) 101-118   Nov 2006   [Refereed]
Global attractivity of some neural net models
HAMAYA Yoshihiro
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics   25(4) 487-495   Dec 2005   [Refereed]
Relationship between BC-s.d.Ω(f) and (K,ρ)-s.d.Ω(f) in an abstract functional differential equation with infinite delay
HAMAYA Yoshihiro
International Journal of Differential Equations and Applications   4(3) 303-321   2002   [Refereed]
Existence of an almost periodic solution in a difference equation by Liapunov functions
HAMAYA Yoshihiro
Nonlinear Studies   8(3) 373-379   2001   [Refereed]
Boundedness and almost periodicity in dynamical systems
Naito,T, N. Van Minh, Miyazaki,R and Hamaya,Y
Journal of Difference Equations and Applications   7(4) 507-527   2001   [Refereed]
Global attractivity in a partial integrodifference equation
Y. Hamaya
Nonlinear Studies   1(1) 51-59   2000   [Refereed]
Global attractivity in diffusive integrodifferential equations
HAMAYA Yoshihiro
Integral and Integrodifferential Equations SIMAA   125-140   2000   [Refereed]


Saber Elaydi, Yoshihiro Hamaya, Hideaki Matsunaga, Christian Pötzsche
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics   212    Jan 2017
Yoshihiro Hamaya
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics   102 171-185   Jan 2014
The aim of this article is to investigate the sufficient conditions for the existence of periodic and almost periodic solutions of a generalized Ricker delay model, N(n + 1) = N(n)exp{f(n, N(n - r(n)))}, when f are periodic and almost periodic fun...
Yoshihiro Hamaya
Tohoku Math. J.   41(1) 105-116   Jan 1989
T. A. Burton, Yoshihiro Hamaya, A. A. Martynyuk
Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory   14 103-108   Jan 2014
Y. Hamaya, T. Yoshizawa
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics   114 151-159   Jan 1990
We consider a system of integrodifferential equations [formula omitted] where f(t, x) and F(t, s, x, y) are almost periodic in t uniformly for parameters, and we assume that the system has a bounded solution u(t). To discuss the existence of an al...

Books etc

Existence of Almost Periodic Solutions in an Integrodifferential Equation
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The relationship between stability under disturbances and uniform stability in a periodic integrodifferential Equations
Ordinary and Delay Differential Equations, Longman Scientific & Technical   1992   
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Global attractivity in a nonlinear difference equation.
(Proceedings of Volterra Centennial Symposium '96)Gordon and Breach   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Global Theory of Solutions to difference Equations