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Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Faculty of Health Science and Technology, Department of Sensory Science, Faculty of Health and Technology, Department of Sensory Science
Medical Doctor(Kobe University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2015
Visiting Professor, Sensory Science, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Apr 2013
Mar 2015
Specially-appointed Professor, Sensory Science, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Mar 1994
Mar 2011
Pofessor, Sensory Science, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Sep 1989
Dec 2004
Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Kawasaki Medical School
Clinical fellow, Kobe University Hospital


Medical School, Kobe University

Committee Memberships

Asian Neuro-ophthalmology Society  the Chief Director

Awards & Honors

May 2011
Outstandng Contribution to Japanese Ophthalmology Society, Japanese Ophthalmology Society
Oct 2009
Ishikawa Medal, Japanese Neuro-Ophthalmology Society
Jun 1983
The 3rd Juge Award
Jun 1983
Yuge Award: Japanese Association of Amblyopia and Strabismus
Mar 2016
The 31th APAO Outstanding Service in Prevention of, Asia Pacific Ophthalmology Organaization

Published Papers

Long-term Outcomes in Eyes Receiving of Bevacizumab Early in the Course of Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
120(5) 396-402   May 2016   [Refereed]
Preferential atrophy of the central retinal ganglion cells in homonymous hemianopsia due to acquired reteogeniculate lesions
Atsushi Miki, Tsutomu Yamashita, Katsutoshi Goto, Syunsuke Araki, Go Takizawa, Yoshiaki Ieki, Junichi Kiryu, Akio Tabuchi, Yasuyuki Iguchi, Kazumi Kimura, and Yoshiki Yagita
American J.of Ophthalmol.      2016   [Refereed]
Tsutomu Yamashita, Atsushi Miki, Katsutoshi Goto, Syunsuke Araki, Yoshiaki leki,, Junichi Kiryu, Akio Tabuchi, Yasuyuki Iguchi, Kazumi Kimura, and Yoshiki Yagita
J.of Ophthalmol. 2016,      2016   [Refereed]
Investigation on the Acquisition of Visual Impairment Disability Certificate in Okayama Prefecture
44 29-34   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Kawasaki Journal of Medical Welfare   20(2) 42-53   2015   [Refereed]


Clinical application of hypnotic infuenced VEP
Doc. Ophthal. Proc. Series.      1983
VEP-dynamic topography in children with cortical blindness
Neuro-ophthalmology   5(1)    1985
Dynamic topography of visual evoked potential in children : A study of the development of the visual system
Jpn. J. Ophthalmology   29    1985
Graves' ophthalmopathy and diabetic retinopathy
Current Opinion in Ophthalmology   2(2)    1991
Application of soft contact lenses of children with congenital nystagmus
Neuro-ophthalmology   12(1)    1992

Conference Activities & Talks

Evaluation of the relationship between color discriminability, color categorization, and glare perception while wearing colored lenses in young adults
i-Perception 5 (2014) 367, on APCV 2015 in Takamatsu   21 Jul 2014   
Detection of different stages of glaucomatous visual field defects by using pupil perimetry employing color light stimuli
Keiichi Tanzawa, Akio Tabuchi
2013 Asia-ARVO   30 Oct 2013   
Sensitivity of glaucomatous visual field defect detection by pupil perimetry performed using short-wavelength light stimuli
30th Pupil Colloquium   8 Sep 2013   
Assessment for the test time of pupil perimetry, using the data recored onto the pupil perimeter during the measeurement of pupillary response
20 Jun 2013   
Relation of visual perception to eye movements analysed by the developmental eye movement test
K.Kanenaga, M.Oka, A.Tabuch
15 Jun 2012   

Association Memberships



Special lecture : Treatment of Nystagmus At the 31th Annual Meeting of Indonesian Ophthalmological Association ( Batum, Indonesia )
Treatment of vertical nystagmus of Chiari Marformation ARVO2005(Fort Lauderdale、USA)
May 2005
Pupil Perimetry with Liquid Crystal Display ARVO2005(Fort Lauderdale, USA)
May 2005
Actual Condition of Visually Impaired Persons

Research Grants & Projects

Assessment of residual visual function in visually disturbed persons
JST Research and Development for Applying Advanced Computational Science and Technology :ACT-JST
Project Year: 1994 - 2002
Clinical study of dysthyroid ophthalmopathy
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1994 - 2002
Development in assessment of visual function in childhood
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1970 - 2002
Development of Visual Aids