KAIO Naoto

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KAIO Naoto
Hiroshima Shudo University
The Faculty of Economic Sciences, Department of Economic Informatics
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Hiroshima University), Master of Engineering(Hiroshima University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tottori University(Part-time)Assistant
Kinki University, (Part-time)Assistant
Yamaguchi University(Part-time)Assistant
-annually Hiroshima University, (Part-time)Assistant
Yamaguchi University(Part-time)Assistant


Systems Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Hiroshima University
Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University

Published Papers

A Note on Block Replacement Policy with Single Renewal and Free Warranty Interval
KAIO Naoto
Journal of Economic Sciences   17(1) 1-6   Sep 2013
A Note on Block Replacement Policy with Random Planning Horizon
KAIO Naoto
Journal of Economic Sciences   16(2) 1-6   Feb 2013
A Note on Block Replacement Policy Taking Account of Free Warranty Interval
KAIO Naoto
Journal of Economic Sciences   16(1) 1-7   Sep 2012
A Note on Discrete Age Replacement Policy Taking Account of Free Warranty Interval
KAIO Naoto
Journal of Economic Sciences   15(2) 1-8   Feb 2012
Age-Dependent Checkpoint Policies Taking Account of Unsuccessful Rollback Recovery and M/M/1 Queueing System
N. Kaio
Journal of Economic Sciences   15(1) 65-75   Sep 2011


A Summary of Optimal Ordering Policies(共著)
IEEE Transactions on Reliability   R-30(3) 272-277   1981
Some Remarks on Optimum Inspection Policies(共著)
IEEE Transactions on Reliability   R-33(4) 277-279   1984
Optimal Inspection Policies : A Review and Comparison(共著)
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications   119(1-2) 3-20   1986
Inspection Policies : Comparisons and Modifications(共著)
Revue Francaise d'Automatique, Informatique et Recherche Operationnelle(Recherche operationnelle/Operations Research)   22(4) 387-400   1988

Books etc

A Study on Optimal Preventive Maintenance Policies for Cumulative Damage Models
KAIO Naoto
Modeling and Simulation in Industrial Engineering, edited by M. Ram and J. P. Davim, Springer, Switzerland   2018   
Repair-Time Limit Replacement Policies
W. Y. Yun and N. Kaio (Part:Joint Work)
Stochastic Reliability and Maintenance Modeling, edited by T. Dohi and T. Nakagawa, Springer-Verlag, London   2013   
Deadlock Detection Scheduling for Distributed Processes in the Presence of System Failures
A. Izumi, T. Dohi and N. Kaio
PROCEEDINGS 2010 Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos,   2010   
A Stochastic Profit Model under Repair-Limit Replacement Program with Imperfect Repair
T. Dohi, N. Kaio and S. Osaki
Advanced Reliability Modeling IV Beyond the Traditional Reliability and Maintainability Approaches Proceedings 4th Asia-Pacific International Symposium (APARM 2010), edited by S. Chukova, J. Haywood and T. Dohi, McGraw-Hill, Taiwan,   2010   
Optimal Control of a Finite Dam with a Sample Path Constraint (共著)
Stochastic Models in Engineering, Technology and Management, World Scientific   1993   


2005 - 2008
Development and Packaging of On-Line Preventive Maintenance Technique for Realization of High Reliable Information and Communication Systems
2004 - 2006
Multiobjective Optimization Techniques and its Applications
2002 - 2004
Evaluation for High Reliable Information and Communication Systems
2001 - 2003
Study on Integrated Relaibility Improvement for Large-scale Network Systems

Research Grants & Projects

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis for Systems
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 1975   
Consideration on Tourism Engineering Applying Operations Research
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 1998