NAKANE Mitsutoshi

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NAKANE Mitsutoshi
Hiroshima Shudo University
The Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts
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Apr 1986
Mar 1990
産業社会学専攻, Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Kansai University
Mar 1984
社会学科, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University
Apr 1984
Mar 1986
産業社会学専攻, Graduate School, Division of Sociology, Kansai University

Published Papers

Sociological study on disabled people's work and social participation
Kyoko Oki, Mitsutoshi Nakane
Studies in The Humanities and Sciences   58(2) 57-73   Feb 2018   [Refereed]
Uncomfortable life in the digital society: digital divide from the perspective of FOP patient
Kyoko Oki
Studies in The Humanities and Sciences   57(1) 29-38   Sep 2016   [Refereed]


中根 光敏
広島修大論集   56(1) 123-134   Sep 2015
Nakane Mitsutoshi
広島修大論集   52(2) 111-122   Feb 2012
Nakane Mitsutoshi
Studies in the humanities and sciences   49(2) 51-78   Feb 2009
中根 光敏
解放社会学研究   (22) 84-91   2008
Ohba Eri, Nakane Mitsutoshi
SOSHIOROJI   36(2) 71-86,189   Oct 1991
 This paper discusses transition of definitions and analytical perspectives of social problems which have been suggested on behalf of studies on sociology of social problems. Especially, transition to an approach which follows subjective nature of...
Nakane Mitsutoshi
SOSHIOROJI   33(2) 21-38,189   Sep 1988
 A series of attacks on Homeless people in Yokohama (1983) was a phenomina which enlightened many people about the social problems of attacks on the Homeless. Not only in Yokohama, but also in Tokyo and Osaka, it was discovered that many attacks o...
A Study on Identity of "Koreans in Japan"
34    1990
A Critical Sociology on Studies of "Yoseba"
2    1988
Homeless Discrimination in Mass Media
30    1988
A Critical Study on "Productionist Ideology"
28    1986
Transfiguration of "Objects"and"Identity"in High Consumption Society-A Review of the 1980's in Japan(1)-
34(2) 229-249   1994
A Sociological Essay on 'Rapport'
Studies in The Humanities and Science   3 193-215   1996
Transfiguration of 〈Sexuality〉 in High Consumption Society -A Review of 1980's in Japan(2)-
Studies in The Humanities and Sciences   36(1) 125-154   1995
Constructing the Social Problems of KAMAGASAKI During Its 'First Uprising' : Concerning Administrative Measures
Student Evaluation and Improvement of University Teaching(1)
Studies in The Humanities and Sciences   (37-2) 389-424
Student Evaluation and Improvement of University teaching(2)
Studies in The Humanities and Sciences   38(2) 407-440   1998
Trasformation of Urban Underclass in Japan : Background of Controversies over the Homeless Issue
The Annals of Japan Association for Urban Sociology   (17) 39-54   1999
Underclass and Foreinger Worker Problems in Japan
143-152   2000
Book Review : Nakagawa Nobutoshi, Sociology of Social Problems.
Soshioroji vol.XLV no.1   45(1) 119-123   2000
NAKANE Mitsutoshi
Studies in The Humanities and Sciences   41(2) 133-175   Feb 2001
KAMAGASAKI in Osaka prefecture is one of the places which were called "Yoseba" in Japanese-the black market for supplying day-labour force. Though the word 'Yoseba' reminds the Japanese people only of KAMAGASAKI, SANYA in Tokyo and KOTOBUKI-CHO in...
A Sociological Study on "Marchandising of the Sex"
55-69   2000
Describing"Urban-Underclass"in Contemporary Japan : To Reconsider Sociology of Homeless and YOSEBA
The Liberation of Humankind : A Sociological Review   (15) 3-25   2001

Books etc

The Structure of "Yoseba"Discrimination
Get Out of There! : The Sociology of Yoseba and Homeless
SHORAISHA   1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

The Proliferation of “Labor Force Markets Like the YOSEBA ” and Social Exclusion
Mitsutoshi NAKANE
第33回日本解放社会学会大会   6 Sep 2017   日本解放社会学会

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科学研究費補助金: 基盤C
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): Mitsutoshi nakane
Sociological Studies on Yoseba
Politics of Culture and Politics
Sociology of exclusion