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Hiroshima Jogakuin University
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Associate Professor,Associate Professor
Master(Hiroshima Shudo University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Hiroshima Institute of Technology part-time lecturer
Hiroshima Shudo University part-time lecturer
Suzugamine Women's College part-time lecturer
- Yasuda Women's University part-time lecturer
- Hiroshima University part-time lecturer


Graduate School, Division of Humanities, Hiroshima Shudo University
Faculty of Humanities, Hiroshima Shudo University

Published Papers

Learning effect of active learning - Study of the subject -
64(4) 1-10   Feb 2017
Active Learning in 'Library Information Technology' - Learning Effects Using SNS and Group Learning
Bulletin of the faculty of liberal arts   (3) 27-33   Mar 2016
中田 美喜子
広島女学院大学論集   63 13-21   Feb 2016
With growth of an information-oriented society, information technology, information skill, and information literacy are becoming more and more important for society.In view of these circumstances,Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and...
NAKATA Mikiko, NAGATA Junichi, HAGANE Masanobu, SUGA Hideki
Bulletin of Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University   38 85-90   Dec 2005
We introduced Terra, an e-learning system on campus. The e-learning system was used in conjunction with the usual lecture program in "An information society and ethics". At the end of each lecture students were required to log on to the Terra syst...
Tannaka Yasuaki, Nakata Mikiko
The journal of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers   53(6) 882-887   Jun 1999
A presentation system with one 100 inch and two 60 inch TV monitors has been constructed for lectures. This system can take as its input printed matter, video, LD, CD, or pictures created on a personal computer. Materials such as textbooks. refere...
Mikiko Nakata,Rowena Santiago
WebNet 1999   1368-1369   1999   [Refereed]


中田 美喜子, 記谷 康之
JSiSE research report   24(1) 56-59   May 2009
The Internet Use for Senior Citizens - A Preliminary essay in Lifelong Learning of Senior Citizens -
Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University   35    2002
The effect of the group study in the infoemation education - When you educate the Department of Engineering-
Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University   34,97-101    2001
Distance learning use in Information education and Research on consideration of student
Construction of network for senior citizen who uses multimedia-About the development of the senior citizen terminal and software and the operativeness-
15 282-288   2000
The development of the Internet terminal for the senior citizens-The attitude of the senior citizens toward the usage of computers-
(32)    2000
Trial purposes for development of the supporting agent system for a next generation
32 153-159   1999
The distance learning to use Internet for the education of information science
32 147-151   1999
Tannaka Yasuaki, Nakata Mikiko
Proceedings of the ... ITE annual convention   (1997)    Jul 1997
A 100-inch television system is utilized for lectures in which documents and educational video are presented. To investigate degree of understanding of the lectures, a questionnaire is given to each student attending the four lectures which has di...
Applied physics A Materials Science & Processing   66 S815-S818   1997
The Role of KOKAI-KOZA in Life Long Learning -In KOKAI-KOZA of Hiroshima-Denki Institute of Technology-
30 175-181   1997
On Usage of The Internet for Undergraduate Education-Cross Culture project utilizing the e-mail of the Internet-
(11)    1997
On a Possibility of Utilization of the Internet for the Class Work-A Cultural Exchange by E-mail among Students of Japan and United States
29 117-122   1996
Study of Comparing Information Processing Education in Japan with That in U.S.A.-Investination of Consciousness about Computer-
10 381-389   1996
Conscious Survey for Computer -In case of Hiroshima-Denki Institure of Technology and the High School-
28 171-180   1995
Psycophysiological Study on Pistol Shooting
The student's attitude toward the computer -The student's attitude change at pre and post of the education in computing science-
26,171-180    1993
Aptitude for Informastion Processing Learning (2)
24    1992
Aptitude for Information Processing Learning
23    1991
Aptitude for Information Processing Learning Personal Ability in BASIC Learning
30(2)    1990
The effect of one's own name upon event related potentials-Event related potential (P3 and CNV) as an index of detection of deception(2)-
8(1)    1990
Aptitude for Information Processing Learning (2) Proper Personality in Basic Learning
31(1)    1990
The Education in Computing Science in the Information-oriented Society -Student's attitude Toward the coimputer in the college and the professional school-
12(2)    1990
The Estimation of Amplitude for CNV Components - Human Data Processing on KANJI Character-
29(2)    1989
Event related potential (P3 and CNV)as an index of detection of deception
7(1)    1989
Estimation Method for ERP's Components by using SAS and FORTRAN
22    1989
Components of the Contingent Negative Variation(CNV) in Relation to Task Difficulty
Hiroshima Shudo University Reserch Review   1(1)    1985

Association Memberships



Try of adult education for senior citizen using the Internet
Construction of nursing care for senior citizen support system which uses multimedia
Remote learning use in information education and research on consideration of student
1998 - 1999

Research Grants & Projects

Comparison research to computer education on Japan-U. S.
Grants and Funding
Possibility of using Internet for education
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
The distance learning on using the Internet
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Senior citizen safety confirmation system which uses multimedia
Grants and Funding
Possibility of using Internet for education
Grants and Funding

Social Contribution

Hiroshima Prefecture Police Headquarters Lifestyle Safety Department Cyber Crime Countermeasure Section Cyber Crime Volunteer
[Organizing Member, Others]  Hiroshima Prefecture Police Headquarters Lifestyle Safety Department cyber crime measures department  18 Feb 2017 - Feb 2018
Hiroshima Prefecture Police Headquarters Lifestyle Safety Department Cyber Crime Countermeasure Section Cyber Crime Volunteer
[Organizing Member, Others]  Hiroshima Prefecture Police Headquarters Lifestyle Safety Department cyber crime measures department  15 Nov 2016 - 18 Feb 2017