FUKUDA Yoshihiro

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FUKUDA Yoshihiro
Wako University
Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Business and Media
Job title
Master of Business Administration(Meiji University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



The Role of Corporate Domain, In the Context of Strategic Management
Memoirs of the Graduate School, Meiji University   26    1989
Measurement of Small Group Activities in Management Organization : International Application Problems of 'SYMLOG'
Memoirs of the Graduate School, Meiji University   27    1990
Learning and Culture in Business Organization : From a Cognitive View
Memoirs of the Graduate School, Meiji University   28    1991
Plan and Perspective
The Annual Report of Nippon Academy of Management Education   11    1992
Introduction of Organizational Theory in Management
Self-Government Forum, Daiichihoki   (506) 4-10   2001

Books etc

Management Resources
New Text of Management,edited by Seiichi Fujiyoshi & Nobuhisa Obu, Gakubunsha(Jointly-Authored)   1995   
Middle Management
Contemporary Management edited by Kudo, Kobayashi, Shimada&Nemoto, Sohseisha(Jointly-Authored)   1996   
Principles of Organization and Organizational Structure
Visual Text of Basic Management, edited by Seiichi Fujiyoshi, Gakubunsha(Jointly-Authored)   1999   
Organization & Stratsgy
Gakubunsha   2000   
Theories on Network Organization and Works of Herbert A Simon
Schumpeter, Simon and their period   2001   


Strategic Management and Network Organization (Unpublished MBA dessertation, Meiji Univ. )

Research Grants & Projects

Power and Conflict of Corporate Network
Project Year: 1990   
Macro Team Network in the Context of Management
Project Year: 1995