SANO Michio

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SANO Michio
Master of Education(The University of Tokyo), Ph.D(Hiroshima University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Lecturer Shikoku gakuin University
Associate Professor, Shikoku
      gakuin University
Professor, Shikoku gakuin University
- Professor, Hosen College of Childhood Education


Graduate School, Division of Education, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Laws, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Japan Society for the Historical Studies of Education  director
The Japanese Society for Historical Studies of Colonial Education  secretary general


Effect on Education by International Relationship
Report of Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research(c)(2)      1997
The Educational Policy of Japan in Colonial Korea
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education the Univ. of Tokyo   21    1982
Tsuneyoshi WATAZE and Korean Education
Bulletin of The National Institute for Educational Research   (115)    1988
Tsuneyoshi WATAZE and Korean Education
Research Bulletin of the National Institute for Educational Research   (26)    1989
Introduction of Autonomy in Korean Education and Its Development
The HAN   (112)    1988

Books etc

교육의 위기 전환기 일본의 교육 정책
SANO Michio
메트로문화사   Apr 2017   
Crisis of education, status quo of education
Shakai Hyoron sha   2007   ISBN:978-4-7845-0796-2
Development of Japanese colonial education and the correspondence of the Korean people
Shakai Hyoron sha   2006   ISBN:4-7845-0288-2
From a Street corner in Africa
Shakai Hyoron sha   1998   
The Education in Modern Japan and Korea
'Making Subject'Education and the Children in the Peninsula
Korean Modern History and Japan   1987   
Nationalism in Education
Educational Theory of Today   1988   
The revision of the History Education and Edicatinal Administration
Readings on Japan and Korea   1991   
(]G26A6[)(]G0543[) (]G2470[)(]G2143[)(]G1635[) (]G0331[)(]G1630[) (]G2102[)(]G1638[) (]G1550[)(]G2101[)(]G0196[) (]G0334[)(]G1593[)(]G1670[)(]G0940[) (]G1431[)(]G1550[)(]G2475[)(]G1439[)(]G0196[) (]G1340[)(]G2470[)
(]G0335[)(]G1161[)(]G0337[)(]G0196[) (]G0336[)(]G0327[)(]G1638[) (]G0337[)(]G2470[)   1994   
Area, Local Goverment and Alien
The Cross-road of Asia   1995   
The rule of Esucation and rule of the Colony
A general study on colonial Education Policy of pre-war Japan   1994   
The Colony and the University (1)
The changing University   1994   
The Colony and the University (2)
The changing University   1995   
"Family" in Zimbabwe
Secede from "Family"   1997   
Convention on the Rights of the Child and "Family"
Secede from "Family"   1997   
The Colony and the University(3)
The changng University   1997   
Relation beteen Colony, 'Study' and the Recognition of the World
The changing University   1998   
National Ideology of S.Korean History Textbook
Reading again History Textbooks of Japan and Korea (Kobe Student-Youth Centre)   2000   
The Status Quo of Not-going to School in S.Korea
The Status Quo of Not-going to School in Various Countries   2000   
Education and Culture of 1920's in Korea
Clarte Movement and Tane-maku-hito' (ochano mizu shobo)   2000   
The Rule and Resist in the Education in Colonial Korea
National conflict in Education(Toho Shoten)   2000   
(朝鮮語) : (]G1408[)(]G7138[)(]G1689[) (]G2102[)(]G1638[)(]G0337[)(]G2470[)(]G0544[) (]G2102[)(]G1638[)(]G1550[)(]G2101[)(]G0196[) (]G0196[)(]G0196[)
(朝鮮語):『(]G0336[)(]G0335[) (]G2102[)(]G1638[) (]G1550[)(]G0554[)(]G0544[)(]G0196[) (]G0334[)(]G6054[)(]G2074[)』   2000   
The Emperor system in Korean education in 1910 and 20
Taisho democracy, Emperor system in Japan and Christianity   2001   
Human rights for the foreigner
The new horizon of human rights   2003   
Education policy-compulsory education system execution in the Korea colony control last stage
The collection of the essaies on Korea-Japan history in memory of Prof.KANG Doksung's Koki and retirement   2003   
Introduction of Autonomy in Korean Education and Its Development
Educatinal Reform in the Liberated Korea   2004   
Educational exchange and the modernization of education
Zhejian University Press   2005   ISBN:7-309-04161-1
Teacher Education of the World - Asia
Gakubunsha   2005   ISBN:4-7620-1456-7
Never take it, this is my school
Kinohanasha   2006   ISBN:4-434-07995-6
The frontier in the research of educational history
Nihon Tosho Centre   2007   ISBN:978-4-284-30149-7
Educational policy of Korean at the end of the colony -from the “Myogadani record"


Research on the improvement of Educational Method
Understanding on Asian Education in Modern Japan
1994 - 1995
General Research on the Education in Japanese colony and occupied area during W.W.(]G0002[).
1998 - 2000
The research project on teacher training system of foreign countries
2003 - 2004
The educational policy in the late priod of the colonial Korea
2003 - 2006

Research Grants & Projects

A comparative study of Education policy during the colonial period, and the development of Edu. after liberation
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Collection of the Textbooks in colonial era
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
The comparative study of the colonial educational policy development process in Taiwan and Korea
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2009 - 2012
To study the structural character of the Japanese colonial education policy before the WWII