SATAKE Masaaki

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SATAKE Masaaki
Nagoya Gakuin University
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of International Culture and Cooperation
Job title
M.A. in International Studies(Sophia University), Ph.D in International Relations(Sophia University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language, Sophia University
Faculty of Laws, Chuo University

Committee Memberships

Peace Studies Association in Japan  Board Member


Social Relations in a Philippine Market and Its Economic Function
29(5)    1988
Modernization and Traditional Tecknology and Industry -the Case of Fish Paste and Fish Sauce Production in the Philippines
(15)    1990
Filipino Workers in Japan -With Reference to Kagawa
(80)    1992
Asian Workers in Japan
(74)    1990
A Cottage Industry in the Philippines : Smithery Industry in Bauan, Batangas
34(4) 59-82   1993

Books etc

Global Financila Crisis in the Asian Context -Repercussions and Responses
SATAKE Masaaki (Part:Joint Work, Chap.4, The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Philippine Economy: Overseas Dependency or Alternative Development pp.63-90)
Ateneo Center for Asian Studies   Apr 2012   ISBN:978-971-042-624-9
I wrote the Chapter 4 of the book, which is Vicotr Venida ed., Global Financila Crisis in the Asian Context -Repercussions and Responses, Ateneo Center for Asian Studies, 2012,p.176. My chapter is entitled as "The Impact of the Global Financial Cr...
Philippines-Japan Relations since the End of the Second World War-Historic Perceptions, Cultural Interaction, and Cross-cultural Marriages
SATAKE Masaaki (Part:Joint Translation, Introduction, Chaps. 6-9, Conclusion)
Akashi Publishing Company   Dec 2011   ISBN:978-4-7503-3506-3
Complete Japanse translation of Lydia N.Yu-Jose ed., The Past, Love and Much More-Philippines-Japan Relations since the End of the Second World War, Japanese Studies Program, Ateneo de Manila University, 2008.228p. The original English book is a c...
Foreign Migrants in Multicultural Japan: Local Community Perspectives
SATAKE Masaaki (Part:Editor, Introduction: Foreign Migrants in Tokai Area and Multiculturalism; Chap 9: Marriage Emigrants from the Philippines to Japan-Pre-departure guidance, hypergamy and agency, preface, postscript, records of Multiculturalism Study Forum of Nagoya Gakuin Univers)
Akashi Publishing Company   Feb 2011   ISBN:ISBN978-4-7503-3342-7
Based on the joint research of Multiculturalism Study Group of Nagoya Gakuin University, this work scrutinizes the reality of multiculturalism in Central Japan. The book is a collection of papers on multiculturalism in Japan, and foreign migrant r...
Community-Based Industries in the Philippines and Alternative Development Theories
Political Economy of Gender-Women and Sexual Division of Labor in the Philippines

Conference Activities & Talks

SATAKE Masaaki
9th International Conference on Philippine Studies   30 Oct 2012   International Conference on Philippine Studies(ICOPHIL) Board
Session 9, Sexual Labor of Filipino Women in Globalization on October 30. My presentaion was entitled as Marriage Emigrants from the Philippines to Japan. Based on the interview to Filipina marriage emigrants in Manila, I analyzed their narratives...
disscasant [Invited]
SATAKE Masaaki
Immigration at the National and Local Level: The Impact on Future Economic Growth and Community Relations in Japan and the United States   16 Dec 2011   Nagoya University and University of California, San Diego
In this international conference, I sereved as a disucussant at the session, Gender Migration in Japan and the United States. The paper presenters were Prof. Istuko Kamoto (Kyoto Women's Univ) on Intermarriages in Japan and U.S., Prof.Sachi Takaha...


Research on the public market in the Philippines
Research on the local industries in the Philippines
1987 - 1989
Research on the lambanog (Distilled Coconut Wine)in the Philippines
Bagoong and Patis in Balayan, Batangas (Third International Philippine Studies Conference)July 1989 Philippine Social Quezon City, the Philippines Science Center
Research on the Government Policy for Cottage, Small and Medium Scale Industry in the Philippines

Research Grants & Projects

Local Economy of the Philippines
Migrant Workers in Japan