MUKAI Hidetada

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MUKAI Hidetada
Ferris University
Faculty of Letters, Department of English Literature, Ferris University
Job title
Master of Arts(Meiji Gakuin University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2008
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Ferris University
Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Professor, Department of Law, Matsuyama University
Apr 1994
Mar 2005
Associate Professor, Department of Law, Matsuyama University
Apr 1991
Mar 1994
Lecturer, Department of Law, Matsuyama University


Graduate School, Division of Letters, Meiji Gakuin University

Published Papers

Hidetada Mukai
Ferris studies   (45) 193-216   Mar 2010
Hidetada Mukai
Studies in language and literature   28(2) 215-235   Mar 2009
Hidetada Mukai
言語文化研究 = Studies in language and literature   28(1) 149-172   Sep 2008
Mukai, Hidetada
Language and Culture (Matsuyama University)   25(2) 63-92   Mar 2006
Hidetada Mukai, Matsuyama University College of Law
Studies in language and literature   25(1) 1-16   Sep 2005
Hidetada Mukai
Studies in language and literature   23(2) 123-156   Mar 2004
Mukai Hidetada
Studies in language and literature   15(2) 65-87   Mar 1996
Mukai Hidetada
Studies in language and literature   14(2) 157-175   Mar 1995
Mukai Hidetada
Studies in language and literature   12(2) 425-47   Mar 1993
“Jane Austen’s Objection to the Private Theatricals: Fanny Price and Lovers’Vow”
MUKAI Hidetada
19 17-40   Feb 1991
The Development of the Novel: From Cecilia to Pride and Prejudice
MUKAI Hidetada
   Mar 1987   [Refereed]


Jane Austen's Objection to the Private Thertricals : Fanny Price and ┣DBLover's Vows(/)-┫DB
Nebulous   19    1991
The Historical Austen(Review)
Mukai, Hidetada
Studies in English Literature(The English Literature Society of Japan)   (47) 

Books etc

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
MUKAI Hidetada (Part:Contributor)
Sep 2016   
Books on Children in 16th-18th Century Britain
MUKAI Hidetada (Part:Supervisor)
Edition Synapse   Sep 2009   
The Loiter: A Periodical
Edition Synapse   May 2007   ISBN:978-4902454369
The Telegraph Girl -Short Stories of Anthony Trollope(1)-
Takashobou Yumi Press   2004   
The Jane Austen Encyclopedia
Takasyobou Yumi Press   2003   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the 18th-century Literature and Culture
Project Year: 1987   
Study on the 19th-century Literature and Culture
Study on the 20th-century Literature and Culture