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Former Institution / Organization Fukuoka University Faculty of Medicine School of Medicine
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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Kumamoto University


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Books etc

Mitochondria: Structure, Functions and Dysfunctions.
Nova Science Publishers.   2010   
ATP release by Ins(1, 4, 5)P3-generating peptides from guinea-pig taenia coli
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Conference Activities & Talks

Ca2+-signal transducing system from the endoplasmic reticulum to mitochondria involved in the caffeine-inducible ATP release
EHRLICH II, 2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets.   2008   
Ca2+ entry via NCX1 in vascular smooth muscle contributes to salt-dependent hypertension.
XXXV International Congress of Physiological Sciences   2005   
Salt-sensitive hypertension in transgenic mice overexpressing smooth muscle Na+/Ca2+ exchanger.
48th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting   2004   
Salt-sensitive hypertension is triggered by Ca2+ entry via vascular isoforms of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger type-1 in arterial smooth muscle.
Scientific Sessions 2004 American Heart Association.   2004   
Caffeine, unlike hypotonicity, releases ATP via Ca2+-signal pathway between ER and mitochondria.
The 17th Korea-Japan Joint Seminar on Pharmacology   2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Signalling pathways from endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria involved in ATP release system.
Neuronal and non-neuronal ATP release mechanisms