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Apr 1985
Mar 2013
Professor, Fukuoka University Faculty of Law, Law
Professor, Kumamoto Univ. of Commerce
Director, Institute of Foreign Affairs


Graduate School, Division of Law, Kyushu University
Faculty of Law, Kyushu University


Limitation and Contradiction of Present Legislation against Wages Discrimination by Sex : Critical Notes on the Social Insurance Payment Fund Case Decision
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Legal Issues on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
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New Industrial Accidents and Workers' Compensation System in the 80's
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Prevention of Industrial Accidents
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Industrialized America is Warning to Japan-Situation of American Women's Workers
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Legal Information on Labor Managemert
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How evaluate the Family Care Leave Law - its significance and problem
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250-256   1995
Duty for Safety to Sub Contractor's Workers - Kashima Kensetu・ Oishi Toso Case
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Ten Years Enforcement of Equal Employment Opportunity Law and problems in the future
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Amendment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law-how the Women's status is Affected by the abolishment of the Women's protection?
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Study of the Amendment of the Equal Employment opportunity Law and the Future Problems
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Denial of Presumption of Sex Discriminatory Treatment on the Statistical Data and Plaintiff's Burden of Proof
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Equal Employment and Labor Law
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Labor Laws and the Legal Status of Home Care and Nursing Care Workers
The Quarterly of Social Security Research   36(4) 482-493   2001
Reasonable Standard of collective redurdancy dismissal be applied to refusal of renemal of defined employment cortract
Suggestion of C 111 Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention
Sekai no Rodo   
Degal Problem with the Dnal-track Employment System: The District Court Decision on the Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.
S.Firestone, Dialectic of Sex in 50 Masterpieces on Feminism
Sexual Harassment: Fukuoka Sexual Harassment Case
One Hundred Court Decisions on Labor(7th Ed.)   

Books etc

Women's Wages : Stability and Change in Six Indrstrialized Countries
JAI Press Inc. (U. S. A. )   1991   
Family, Labor and Welfare
Lectures on Labor Law (]G0003[) : Workers' Protection Law (New Edition)
Right to Live Today : Its Jurisprudence and System-Essays in Honor of Professor Seishi ARAKI
Workers' Compensation law studies : Essays in Honor of professor Hayato KUBOTA
Change and Development of Social Security
Women Workers in Fifteen Countries : Essays in Honor of Alice Hanson COOK
ILR Press(Cornell Univ. , U. S. A. )   1985   
Present Issues in the Social Legislations : Essays in Honor of Professor Michihiro HAYASHI
Working Women in Japan : Discrimination, Resistance, and Reform
ILR Press(Cornell Univ. , U. S. A. )   1980   
New Era for Equal Employment of Men and Women
Studies on the Labor Protection Legislation : Essays in Honor of Professor Kenichi Hokao
Child Care Leave-Law and Practice
Treatise on Guarantee of Living
Legal Theory of Sexual Harassment on Campurs
System for Care of the Elda-Legal Status of Home Care Workers
Laws for the Aged   1997   
Equality between Men and Women and Family Responsibility
New Introduction to Labor Law Today   2001   


Workers'Compensation System in the U. S. A.
Amicus curiae brief on Damages Claim Case No. 1872(Wa), 1989, Fukuoka District Court
Sexual Harassment and Management and Enterprise Liability-The First Court Decisior on Sexual Harassment
Amicus curiae brief on District Court Decision of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.

Research Grants & Projects

Violence in the Workplace and Employer's Liability
Industrial Physician and Occupational Health Nurse
Sexual Harassment