HU Bai

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HU Bai
Ehime University
Faculty of Agriculture Department of Bioresources
Job title
Professor,Director, University Library

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

 kyushu University
 Minami Kyushu University


Graduate School, Division of Agricltural Sciences, Ehime University


An empirical analysis of inter-village difference of depopulation and its determinants in mountain areas
Journal of Rural Problem   26(4) 5   1990
An empirical analysis of changes in the number of farm households and farm household members in mountainous rural areas
Journal of Rural Economics   63 4   1992
Process and pattern of agricultural Structure change in hilly-mountainous areas
Research of Farm Business of the Ehime University   34   1992
Study on the Characteristics and Factors Affecting Agricultural Structure Changes in Rural Mountainous Areas
The Bulletin of The Faculty of Horticulture, Minami Kyusyu University   (23) 133-199   1993
Proposition to Future Development of Japanese Agriculture
Journal of Agricultural Science   49(2) 61-71   1994

Books etc

An Analysis of Total Factor Productivity in Japanese Agriculture
An Examination on Possibility of Reduing Fertilizer and Pesticide Use in Kyushu Agriculture
Journal of Rural Economics : Special Issue   1998   
An Analysis of Questionnaaire Survey on Grain Production and Marketing in China
Journal of Rural Economics : Special Issue   1998   
Agricultural Land System and Policy under the Condition of Small - Scale Peasant Economy : Basic Structure of the Japanese Agricultural Land System and Its Implications for China
CIRD and UNDP. eds. "International Symposium on the Legal Framework for Rural Land Use Rights in China   2000   
An Economic Analysis of Determinants Influcing the Application Rates of Pesticides and Fertilizers in Japanese Family Farming
The 9th International Joint Seminar : Recent Advances in Agricultural Science, Korea   2000   


Study on the characteristics of Villages' agricultural Structure changes and regional agricultural build-up in hilly-mountainous areas
Structural Changes and Technical Progress in Japanese Agriculture
Study on the roles of Agricultural Co-operative in Agricultural Development
The Structural Changes and Economies of Scale in Japanese Agriculture : An Empirical Approach to Development Strategy of East Asian Agriculture
China's Grain Production Structure and Supply Prospect
1997 - 1999

Research Grants & Projects

Japan's Organic Citrus Agriculture: Farming Practice and Management
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2010 - 2012
Economic Study on Sustainable Agriculture
Food Supply and Security in Asia
Study on Agrarian Structure and Agricultural Co-operative
Economic Evaluation of Biomass Use
Project Year: 2006 - 2007