ONAGA Hiroshi

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ONAGA Hiroshi
Doctor of Engineering(Kyoto University), Master of Engineering(Kyoto University)

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Onaga Hiroshi
Summaries of technical papers of Annual Meeting Architectural Institute of Japan. D-1, Environmental engineering I, Room acoustics and acoustic environment noise and solidborne sound environmental vibration light and color water supply and drainage water   2010(0) 339-340   Jul 2010
Onaga Hiroshi
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan   66(3) 97-104   Mar 2010
ONAGA Hiroshi, IKEDA Tetsuo
Journal of environmental engineering   74(635) 9-15   Jan 2009
The experiments on intelligibility, listening difficulty and optimum speech level by adjustment method were carried out under the condition of various noise level and reverberation. The following findings were obtained. (1) The optimum speech leve...

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Room Acoustic Planning Considering the Auditory Charasteristics of Elderly People
Study on Measurement and Rating of Speech-Communication Performance of Rooms