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Shizuoka University
Faculty of Engineering - Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Nihon University

Published Papers

Cable Dynamics and Control at the Simultaneous Deployment of the Cables from GEO Station during Space Elevator Construction
[責任著者]Yamagiwa, Y [共著者]Tao, K.,Sato, S.,Otsuka, K.,Ishikawa, Y.
Trans. JSASS Aerospace Tech. Japan   16(2) 165-171   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Effects of Ascending and Descending Climbers on Space Elevator Cable Dynamics
[責任著者]Ishikawa, Y. [共著者]Otsuka, K.,Yamagiwa, Y.,Doi, H.
Acta Astronaitica   (145)((num)) (165)-(173)   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Space Experiments on Basic Technologies for a Space Elevator Using Microsatellites
[責任著者]Yamagiwa, Y. [共著者]Nohmi, M.,Aoki, Y.,Momonoi, Y.,Nanba, H.,Aiga, M.
Acta Astronaitica   (138)((num)) (570)-(578)   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Study about the Simultaneous Deployment Performance of the Cables from GEO Station at the Space Elevator Construction
[責任著者]Tao, K, [共著者]Yamagiwa, Y.,Ishikawa, Y.,Otsuka, K.
Acta Astronautica   (138)((num)) (590)-(595)   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
Obayashi Corporation’s Space Elevator Construction Concept
[責任著者]Ishikawa, Y. [共著者]Tamura, T.,Otsuka, K.,Horiike, T.,Iwaoka, T.,Yamagiwa, Y.
Journal of British Interplanetary Society   69(6) 227-239   Jul 2016   [Refereed]


The Numerical Analysis of the Thrust Characteristic of the Magnetoplasma Sail in the Non-Uniform Magnetic Reynolds Number Condition
Arai, H., Yamagiwa, Y., Oshio, Y., Nishida, H. and Funaki, I
Proceedings of 69th International Astronautical Congress   IAC-18.C.4.7.11, 1-8   Oct 2018
Optimum Control of Cable Deployment of Space Elevator from GEO Station in Two Directions
Yamagiwa, Y., Sato, S., Sato, T., Arita, S., Otsuka, K. and Ishikawa,
Proceedings of 69th International Astronautical Congress,   IAC-18.D.4.3.10 1-8   Oct 2018
A Proposal of New Deployable Space Structure Applying Buckling
[責任著者]Arita, S. [共著者]山極 芳樹,Fukuta, I.,Yamaagiwa, Y.
Proceedings of AIAA SciTech Forum   AIAA-2018-1952((num)) 1-10   Jan 2018
Design of Reel-Type Tether-Deployment Mechanism in the Satellite STARS-E for Verifying Space Elevator Technology
[責任著者]Nakashima, K. [共著者]Yamagiwa, Y.,Nohmi, M.,Arita, S.,Aoki, Y.,Otshuka, K.
Proceedings of 68th International Astronautical Congress   (vol)((num)) (xxx)-(zzz)   Sep 2017
Research and Development of Revolutionary Low Cost Space Transportations for Space Infrastructure Constructions
[責任著者]Yamagiwa, Y. [共著者]Nohmi, M.,Fukiba, K.,Aoki, Y.,Tsuchida, A.,Kanda, T.
Proceedings of 68th International Astronautical Congress   (vol)((num)) (xxx)-(zzz)   Sep 2017

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Introduction to System Dynamics
島田俊郎,山内昭,内野明,町田欣弥,高萩栄一郎,小林秀徳,椎塚久雄,黒野宏則,山極芳樹,石川芳男 (Part:Joint Work)
Apr 1994