CHICHII Katsunori

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CHICHII Katsunori
Sapporo International University
Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Department of Mass Communications
Job title
Dean of Contemporary Social Studies

Research Areas



Faculty of Education, Hokkaido University of Education


Encocraging broad reading among junior high students in Japan.
Journal of Reading   24 7-10   1981
Report on the Teaching of Kanji in Each Year of Elementary School and Junior High School
Journal of Seishu Junior Callege   29 23-30   1994
Personal Computer Program for Automatic Summarization of Japanese Discourse
Journal of Seishu Junior Callege   (26) 25   1995
The Main Concept and Realization of Seishu Junior College's Business Education Center, SELA
Annual Report on Secretarial Education   (16)    1992
Basic Study of Secretarial "Gyomusuru"(Doing Business)Space-Organization of Communication Spaces-
Japan Secretarial Science Review   (11)    1993

Research Grants & Projects

mathematical study of meaning Structure on Discourse
Project Year: 1978   
Potential for an Electronic Library
Project Year: 1990   
Research of Chinese characters in Japanese education
Project Year: 1980