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Ferris University
Faculty of Letters, Department of Communication Studies
Job title
(BLANK)(Seijo University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Seijo University
Faculty of Humanities, Wako University


Researching Mass Magazines Article"Skills" : Psycho, Personality, Behavior
The Japanese Journal of Clinical Psychology   23(2) 3   1985
Comparative Study of Women's Magazines in Japan, U. S. A. and Mexico
Research Report from TOYOTA FOUNDATION Subsidy      1985
Sociological Research of Mass Media Culture and Womens
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office      1986
Toward the 21 Century Newspaper Media : Asking Questions Survey of Editors
The Memoir of Research Institute of The Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association   7    1986
A Research for "New Publish Media" by Newspaper Company
Newspaper Company Management Quarterly(The Shimbun Keiei)   94,95    1986

Books etc

Deciphering Womens Magazines in Japan, U. S. A. and Mexico : "COMPAREPOLITAN"
Kakiuchi Shuppan   1989   
Women's Data Book
Yuhikaku   1991   
Seminar of Women's Studies
Tokyo Kyokasho Shuppan   1991   
Thinking of Obscene"YÛGAI"Expressions in Young Comic Books and Magazines
Tsukuru Shuppan   1991   
The Culture of Women's Magazines : A Study of Gender Image
Akashi Syoten   1993   
Social Psychology of Mass Phenomenon : Investigation of Fans and Booms
Science Shya   1994   
Introduction to Communication Theory
Taisyukan Syoten   1994   
The Matrix of Media and Information : The Social Impact of Changing Media Structure
Koubundo   1995   
Women's Data Book 〔2nd Edition〕
Yuhikaku   1995   
Out of Focus : Writings on Women and the Media
Kakiuchi Shuppan   1995   
A Gender Analysis of Newspapers : Toward A Femminist Study of Press
Gendai-Syokan   1996   
A Verification of Publishing 1945-1995
Bunka Tsushin Shya   1996   
The Freedom of Expression in Multi Cultural Societies : For Making Guideline of Media Expression
Asahi Syoten   1997   
Gender Differentiation in the Process of the Media : Mass Media Environment and Women
Shinyou Shya   1998   
Communication Theory Studies
Tokyo Shyoseki   1998   
Transitional Media and Women : From the 20th Century to the 21st Century
Tokyo Josei-Zaidan   1999   
Women's data Book [3rd Edition]
Yuhikaku   1999   
One Step at the Beginning of Gender -Equal the Home From : Theory and Practice for Home Education Program
National Women's Education Center   2000   
To the Turning Point in the Century : With the Youngster Who Fuses the Media
Hihyoshya   2000   
Trap of Gender
Hihyosya   2001   


Asking Questions Survey of Emperor Hirohito's Dengerous Condition Reports
A Content Analysis of Asian Women's Magazines Advertisements in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and America
Study into Investiate the Causes of Young Collecter and Mania "OTAKU"
An Interview Research of Home Education Measures by the Local Self-governing Body
A Content Analysis of Senior Image on TV-CM

Research Grants & Projects

A Study of Women and the Media
A Socialization Process of Sex-Roles Acquiring
The Culture of Representation : A Study and Research of Social Consciousness
Policy of Public Publicity that turned it to Gender-Equal
Way to the Critical Examination and Public Expression of the Gender in the Media