MASUDA Yoshiko

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MASUDA Yoshiko
Gakushuin Women's College
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Graduate School, Division of Home Economics, Ochanomizu University
Faculty of Home Economics, Ochanomizu University


On the transition of the court rank systems in a coronet and the character of the "IKAN. "
Japanease History   491    1989
On the KAN-I-JUNIKAI (the Twelve Grade Color Discrimination of the Coronet) for the Government Officials in Ancient Japan.
The Society of Costume Aesthetics   7    1978
A Study of the Mourning Dress in Ancient Japan. -Change in color from white to black. -
The Society of Costume Aesthetics   21    1992
The meaning of JINBUTSU HANIWA (a clay image of a man placed on the ancient Japanease tomb. )
BuLLetin of Gakushuin women's junior coLLege   (34) 逆1-17   1996
Changes of Rank Systems from "Kan'i Junikai" to "Ikaisei" since the Taika Era -A reply to Tetsuya TORAO's Criticism-
The Society of Costume Aesthetics   (24) 75-92   1995

Books etc

The Study of Costume in Ancient Japan
Genryusha   1995   
The history of Funeral Costume in ancient Japan
Genryusha   2002   

Research Grants & Projects

The Costume History of Ancient Japan
Project Year: 1968   
The Mourning Dress History of Japan
Project Year: 1990