MORITA Yoshiaki

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MORITA Yoshiaki
Nihon University Junior College
(Funabashi Campus), Department of Construction, (Funabashi Campus) Department of Chinese Language and Culture
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Engineering(Nihon University)

Research Areas



A Study on Environmental Protection of Lakes (Taking the Case of Water Environment of Lake Inbanuma)
Technological University of the Philippines. PROCEEDINGS OF 5th INTERNATIUONAL CONFERENCE ON CIVIL ENGINEERING (5 ICCE)      2002
A Study on the Water Environment of Inbanuma and Its Conservation-Closed Type Terraced-Field Irrigation System-
1-131   2001
On Thriving Conditions of Reeds in Surrounding Soil of Lake and Reservoir - Case Study on that of Lake Teganuma and Lake Inbanuma -
Papers on Envirommental Information Science   (11) 231-236   1997
Improvement of Water Environmental Condition of Lake Inba-numa and Rivival of Water Transportation Culture
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Conservation Management of Lakes-Kasumigaura '95   (3) 1878-1881   1995
Development of Flexible Permeable Concrete
Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Our World in Concrete & Structures   (14) 203-208   1995

Books etc

Prevention of diffusion of alkaline components from chemically stabilized soil
The proceedings of GREEN 3: the 3rd International Symposium on Geotechnics Related to the European Environment: Thmas Telford   2001   
The Influence of pH Value Change in Soil-Interaction between Stabilized Soil and the Condition of Plants-
Proc. of Green 2 : Contaminated and Derelict Land, the 2nd Int. Symposium on Geotechnics Related to the Environment   1998   
Study on Environmental Conservation of Lake and Reservoirs - Habitant Niche of Reed and Sediment Condition
7th International Conference on Laks Conservation and Management   1997   
Investigatin on the Reeds Bed in Lake Teganuma
Proceedings of the Nihon University International Symposium on Global Environment and Human Living   1997   
Environmental Change of Inba-numa and Policy for Survial
Proceedings of the Nihon University International Symposium on Global Environment and Human Living   1997   


Study on Unconfined Compression Test of Asphalt Mixture
Applicability of Mining Slime as Filler

Research Grants & Projects

Development for Water Transport and Environmental Conservation in Inba Swamp Area
Year-to-year Change in Reed Growth in Tega-numa